TripLog: A Mileage Tracker App Revolutionizing The Transportation Industry

Calculate the net mileage of a vehicle in the TripLog application. The mileage tracker app also allows you to calculate the exact profit for your business.

Issaquah, Wash. ( March 2, 2023 – TripLog is a feature-rich mileage tracker app that provides businesses with a sleek and innovative GPS-based solution for tracking mileage and expenses. This encourages businesses to automate all aspects of expense management.

In the transportation industry, tracking mileage is important for tax and reimbursement purposes. A mileage tracker app makes this process simpler and more efficient, eliminating the need to manually keep records. This essential tool is important for any business or individual looking to streamline transportation-related costs.

TripLog Mileage Tracker App: The Need for Time

Manually recording mileage logs is a traditional method with many challenges. Introducing an innovative and revolutionary solution to manage your mileage logs and simplify your team’s mileage and expense reimbursement process.

TripLog, the leading mileage tracker app, has revolutionized the transportation industry with its innovative features. In order to provide users with an easy-to-use mileage tracking platform to track mileage, expenses, and time, TripLog regularly incorporates new features to meet users’ demands.

How can the industry benefit from innovative mileage tracker apps?

Learn about the unique features of this mileage tracker app and understand how it can help you and your business.

Easy & Login Options: Users can log into TripLog using their Google or Facebook accounts. New app users can also create new accounts using their email, Google, or Facebook accounts. This feature allows users to easily access apps without forking their privacy.

Time tracking: This feature allows users to easily track and record time by project, client, or task. Users can also clock in and out with TripLog Time backed by accurate GPS data. This feature allows users to manage their daily routes and dispatch vehicles quickly.

Calculation of holidays, paid leave and overtime: This feature is based on customer feedback and TripLog is committed to listening to users and providing the features they need.User can access TripLog dashboard[時間ポリシー]You can visit the section to customize your team’s time policy.

TripLog drive: This mode allows users to record offline and download later. This feature is more secure and disconnected from your phone, so the TripLog app doesn’t need to give location permissions or run in the background. TripLog Drive devices record location data to flash storage, which users can later download to their mobile app. It takes about 1 minute to download a 1-hour driving record, so it is recommended to download it regularly.

About trip log

TripLog is available on iOS and Android platforms and has received positive feedback from users. With innovative features and a commitment to user satisfaction, TripLog is ready to revolutionize the transportation industry.

TripLog is dedicated to providing the best possible experience for our users when using our app. Additionally, the TripLog team will continue to work on your feedback and incorporate it into new features to improve your experience.

For more information or questions, please visit the TripLog Mileage website.

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