Trending Black Friday deals 2022: dehumidifiers, air fryers

Our experts have been covering Black Friday for years. Consumers typically want discounted technology and the best offers to save on Christmas shopping. Reflecting the ongoing cost of living crisis in 2022, we’ve noticed a number of trending products that you wouldn’t normally expect to see high on a shopper’s Black Friday wish list.

According to Google Trends, demand for dehumidifiers has reached a five-year high, and at the time of writing, six different air fryers rank among the top 20 most-wanted products in Amazon’s Home & Kitchen category. I’m here.

According to a study, average Black Friday spending per capita in the UK will drop 31% this year compared to 2021. Black Friday 2022 will be small kitchen appliances. Reportedly, 22% of his shoppers intend to purchase items in this category.

From dehumidifiers to air fryers, we’ve rounded up the Black Friday discounts already in place for some of the most in-demand products in 2022.

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The best dehumidifier Black Friday deals are still alive today

Gocheer Portable Dehumidifier | £89.99 £70 At Amazon (Save £19.99 Or 22%)

What happened: Save 22% on this top-rated humidifier at Amazon.

Reason for choosing: This Silentnight model has been reviewed by thousands of people on Amazon, praising its sturdy construction. Perfect for small rooms, this portable dehumidifier comes with a large 4000ml water tank that can remove up to 1000ml of water from the air each day. With its sleek matte black design, it’s sure to stand out even in rooms that are a bit less than budget dehumidifiers.

Gocheer Portable Dehumidifier | £89.99 £70 At Amazon (Save £19.99 Or 22%)

Silentnight 2 in 1 Air Purifier and Dehumidifier | £108.99 £90 at Silentnight (save £19 or 17%)

silent night dehumidifier

What happened: Save 35% with this nifty 2-in-1 dehumidifier and air purifier combination.

Reason for choosing: This Silentnight model is renowned for its quietness and also includes a HEPA filter to help trap contaminants such as dust mites and cigarette smoke. It has a smaller extraction capacity (1L) than the Blyss model below, so if you don’t mind the air cleaning ability and want to empty the tank less often, choose the larger model.

Silentnight 2 in 1 Air Purifier and Dehumidifier | £108.99 £90 at Silentnight (save £19 or 17%)

PureMate Compact Dehumidifier | £68.99 £44.99 at Amazon (save £24 or 35%)

PureMate Compact Dehumidifier


What happened: Save 20% on this compact model.

Reason for choosing: For small spaces like wardrobes, this mini dehumidifier is perfect. It is easy to carry and can hold 500ml of water.

PureMate Compact Dehumidifier | £68.99 £44.99 at Amazon (save £24 or 35%)

For more shopping advice, we recommend checking out our best humidifier guide from our friends at MadeForMums.

Black Friday Air Flyer Deals

Our friends at BBC Good Food spent hours testing to bring you a guide to the best air fryers. There are already some tried-and-tested models for sale.

Tefal ActiFry Genius XL 2 in 1 YV970840 | £284.99 £199.99 (save £85 or 30%) at JD Williams

tefal air fryer

JD Williams

What happened: Save 30% on this highly rated air fryer from respected brand Tefal.

Reason for choosing: BBC Good Food dubbed it “the best versatile air fryer”, highlighting the large window at the top of the circular lid that lets you peek inside without interrupting the cooking process. Air fryers, especially those made by Ninja, are in high demand, but if you don’t want to wait, this is a solid choice.

Tefal ActiFry Genius XL 2 in 1 YV970840 | £284.99 £199.99 (save £85 or 30%) at JD Williams

Keep an eye on BBC Good Food’s Black Friday Air Fryer sale page, Ninja’s website, and Amazon for other offers to appear.

cozy black friday sale

Rising energy prices and falling temperatures have increased the demand for electric blankets. Earlier this year, Martin Lewis suggested buying a heated blanket that cost about 3 pence an hour, or just £1.37 a week, when used seven hours a day.

There are not many deals yet, but be sure to use the price tracker CamelCamelCamel, especially if you find it on Amazon. This tool tracks prices on Amazon over time, so you can be sure you’re getting the best deals. Some offers may not be as strong as they first appear, especially if the product is in high demand.

Alternatives that are in high demand for Black Friday are microwaveable slippers (yes, really!) and wearable blankets such as Oodie, a leading brand.

Koala Woody | 89 pounds £54 At Woodie (Save £35 Or 39%)

black friday woodie

What happened: 39% off the coveted Woody Wearable Blanket.

Reason for choosing: Oodys are very comfortable and great for keeping you warm while working from home, but they’re a bit pricey. They typically cost £89, so if you’re buying a few for your family, the price can quickly add up. There are so many designs to choose from (both adult and children’s sizes) and almost all designs are currently discounted. Popular designs include avocado, dachshund and pizza, but there are also classic designs like solid gray and pink.

Save Up To £35 On Oodies With The Oodie Black Friday Sale

hot water bottle

What happened: You can get this extra-long hottie for just £15.99.

Reason for choosing: Warmies’ extra long hot water bottle is 81cm, perfect for Christmas gifts. The long length makes it perfect for wrapping around your neck, shoulders and stomach. It also comes with a soft faux fur case as an added nice detail.

Warmies Extra Long Hot Water Bottle | £24.99 £15.99 at IWOOT (Save £9 or 36%)

Shop All Black Friday Sale At Warmies IWOOT

For regular Black Friday hot sellers, such as Black Friday TV sales and Black Friday Lego sales, see when Black Friday ends so you don’t miss out on deals from your favorite retailers. Please give me.

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