Transparent Retro Gamepads : sn30 pro se

8BitDo has announced the availability of two different colorways of its popular ‘SN30 Pro SE’ retro style controller. The SN30 Pro is a Bluetooth gamepad similar to his original SNES gamepad. However, the SN30 Pro SE adds two joysticks and L2/R2 buttons so you can play the latest games as well.

SN30 Pro SE supports most major consoles and platforms including Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Nintendo Switch and Steam Deck. Devices also receive regular firmware updates that perform various enhancements, such as longer battery life, lower connection latency, and more.

Two new colorways for the SN30 Pro SE are Atomic Purple and Deep Green transparent shells. The Atomic Purple colorway is nostalgic, with a nod to retro Nintendo consoles such as the Game Boy Color. The SN30 Pro SE colorway is available directly from Amazon or 8BitDo.

Image Credit: 8BitDo

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