Track Your Fitness Stats on Meta Quest With Heart Rate Monitoring and Android Integration

You don’t have to struggle to start your fitness journey this year – even if you’re a beginner. With Immersive Virtual Reality (VR) fitness app Meta Quest lets you sweat whenever and wherever you want.

boxing session or not light boxerfires some jump shots GYM CLASS – Basketball VR or shake off Racket: NxVR Fitness is the perfect way to get your whole body moving.

Android integration

Image showing Meta Quest Move connected to Health Connect.

An image of the Meta Quest Move user interface in the Meta Quest mobile app.

After starting a new VR fitness routine, you need to keep track of yourself whether you’re in VR or not. Anyone can sync their stats to the Meta Quest mobile app. And for those with Android devices, Android can now link directly to Health Connect to share information.

This new update lets you track all your VR workouts and bring all your stats together in the same place you track your other daily activities on Android.

Sync with Health Connect by Android to automatically track your VR workouts on your device without any manual input.announced the same Integration with Apple Health last year.

heart rate integration

An image showing a Meta Quest fitness game displaying heart rate.

One of the most requested fitness features in the Meta Quest is heart rate tracking. This makes it easy to see concrete real-time results. With the new heart rate feature, you can see your heart rate even during your VR workout when measured with a Bluetooth-enabled heart rate monitor.

Pairing a heart rate monitor to your Meta Quest headset gives you access to more precise information about how your VR workout is getting your heart rate up. And with that information, you can reach your goals.

Heart rate monitors that can be used with Meta Quest are Garmin HRM-Dual and Polar H10. Other heart rate monitors that use Bluetooth for pairing may also pair with Meta Quest.

elite strap bundle

An image of a woman using MetaQuest 2.

available for a limited time, elite strap There are no additional charges when you purchase Meta Quest 2. Get the most out of your VR workouts with this ergonomic accessory that balances and supports your headset with a twist of the fit wheel. No matter how active you are, the game will keep you occupied.

The regular price is US$59.99, but if you buy a new Meta Quest 2 between January 6th and January 19th (or January 2nd – January 15th in EMEA or APAC), you can get the lanyard at no additional cost. Available.

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