Top three gadgets of 2022

Geewiz 1200V Inverter.Photo: Courtesy


It’s hard to believe that another year has passed. But unlike the last two years amid the pandemic, this year has seen greater stability as his remote work has evolved into hybrid work.

This meant we had the freedom to choose where we worked and the chance to succeed in our day-to-day operations. This is what led me to my top 3 gadgets of 2022.

Geewiz 1 200V Inverter with 100Ah Battery

Geewiz 1200V Inverter

Geewiz 1200V Inverter.Photo: Courtesy

No talk of 2022 is complete without mentioning a record number of load shedding days. It hindered my productivity, but the Geewiz 1 200V inverter with 100Ah battery saved me many times.

Online retailers have a few house-brand inverters, like the one we reviewed this year, that start at the entry-level price point, with a price tag of R5 795, making them ideal if you’re on a tight budget. I started using it before stages 4-6 became the norm.

It can deliver up to 720W of power, so you can power your TV, router, mobile device or laptop for hours. But I mostly used it for the Nutribullet (blender) when my laptop wasn’t charging, so I could have breakfast in the load shedding slot early in the morning.

Geewiz Inverter is an emergency solution with lead-acid battery life. However, it can be upgraded to Li-Ion for over 2,000 cycles suitable for Stages 4-6.

Hobot Leger D7

Hobot Leger D7

Hobot Leger D7. Photo: Courtesy

A robot vacuum is the smart appliance you didn’t know you needed. They are low maintenance and require little supervision. Hobot released the Legee D7 model this year and I loved testing it.

One of the few robovacs that cleans both floors and carpets. Whether you have kids, pets, or allergies, it does a better job of cleaning up than a human can.

Schedule cleanups, create virtual block zones to avoid, and use your voice to control your smart speaker. It features powerful, tangle-free suction so pet hair and debris won’t get caught on the brush.

Legee D7 stores up to 5 maps in memory and features 8 cleaning modes, including Eco, Power, Stain, Deep Cleaning, and Dry Sweep, allowing you to clean according to your schedule, such as 30 minutes before you wake up, outdoors, and more. During load shedding or before returning from vacation.

When the battery runs out, it returns to the dock, recharges, and continues where it left off. Is there anything better than automating household chores?

Logitech Zone Wireless

Logitech Zone Wireless

Logitech Zone Wireless.Photo: Courtesy

My main complaint when working from home is background noise. Everything from generators to construction to power tools to kids can affect your concentration and disrupt your virtual meetings.

Owning a pair of noise-cancelling headphones has become a must, and Logitech, known for great accessories, has announced the perfect solution: Zone Wireless. It features all-important active noise cancellation, which is essential for today’s telecommuters.

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Bluetooth wireless on-ear headphones with comfortable ear pads and an adjustable headband are suitable for most people for extended use. It’s also lightweight and has a boom mic that you can flip to mute.

The earpads also have specific controls such as power on, Bluetooth, active noise canceling, playback controls, and volume control. And it can pair with your phone, PC, or tablet at the same time, so you can grab any device with a range of 30m.

Zone Wireless works with the LogiTune app to fine-tune other settings such as how loud you can hear yourself, equalizer presets, and general stats like battery life.

What will happen in 2023?

Apple could launch a mixed reality headset that uses augmented and virtual reality by the end of next year. But perhaps asking for a foldable iPhone will drive it.

On the smart home front, Google is set to launch its next-generation smart speakers with hardware and software upgrades. We know Samsung will inevitably throw in more foldable devices, but we expect other manufacturers to jump on the trend as well.

Apart from gadgets, this segment is growing rapidly in South Africa, so we can expect an increase in electric and connected cars. And finally, the availability of 5G and fiber connectivity needs to be rolled out in more regions of the country.

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