Top 90 Computers Trends in February

This list of computer trends for February 2023 shows some of the most innovative releases of the past month. This includes computer hardware, full-scale computers, computer peripherals, and computer-powered devices. These products continue to advance the industry in terms of performance, portability, design and functionality.

The Lenovo YogaBook 9i is one of the most versatile laptops on the market with two large foldable OLED panels. This laptop can be used as a dual-display portable workstation for great productivity in both portrait and landscape mode. The device can also be used as a single-screen laptop for immersive activities such as gaming and media consumption.

On the gaming-focused computer side, the GKD Mini Plus is a powerful handheld with a Linux-based computer front end. This device is optimized for pocket-sized games with modular attachments that improve the ergonomics of the device without adding unnecessary bulk. The GKD Mini Plus can play most games up to the early 2000s. This includes even the latest lightweight games.

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