Top 90 Autos Trends in February

This list of automotive trends for February 2023 includes future-oriented technologies that significantly improve efficiency and performance while reducing price barriers. This list includes accessories, add-ons and complete vehicles with features that set them apart from the standard.

The Aerogogo Shield Y is a great example of a camping-specific vehicle accessory. This is an inflatable mattress designed to fit perfectly in the Tesla Model Y cabin. With the push of a button, the mattress inflates to Model Y’s full size. We want the mattress to fit the cabin as snugly as possible.

On the electric vehicle side, the EVAR Parky EV Charging Robot is an automatic EV charger designed for parking lots. The robot receives charging requests via NFC tags. When requested, the robot wakes up and automatically finds and charges the requested EV. The robot uses LiDAR technology and ultrasonic sensors to avoid damaging vehicles and people in parking lots.

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