Top 80 Computers Trends in March

Whether you’re looking for a budget computer, a high-end gaming PC, or general computer peripherals, this list of computer trends for March 2023 features examples across the computer industry.

One great example of a budget computer component is Amazon’s recently released Amazon Basics RGB CPU cooler. These coolers are affordable at just $27 CAD (approximately $20 USD) and offer improved visuals and performance compared to standard CPU coolers. This is a simple cooler with his affordable 2000 RPM fan.

On the high-end PC side, Yeston debuted the ‘Sakura 7900XTX’, a stylish and powerful graphics card for high-end gaming and exhibition PC builds. This is the flagship AMD graphics card with a chromatic, cyberpunk and anime inspired design, with intricate markings all over the card adding to its unique style.

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