Top 35 Toys Trends in February

This list of toy trends for February 2023 includes last month’s innovative releases from branded toys, toys for toddlers, and toys for consumers of all ages.

For modern kid’s toys, the Xplora X6Play is the latest feature-packed smartwatch for kids ages 4 to 11. This allows you to introduce your child to smart technology in a safe and closed way. In other words, the device has a camera, clock, and calling capabilities, but no internet browser or other way to access online media.

The LEGO Multi-Tool is a Swiss Army Knife inspired tool for building LEGO models. This toy comes equipped with his necessary LEGO tools such as a brick separator, magnifying glass and Technic axle. This is the perfect pocket-sized tool for a child just starting out with LEGO or an adult familiar with his advanced LEGO kits.

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