Tom is the apple of Australian Idol’s eye

Tom Nethersoll did just that with his Australian idol For this year’s audition, I brought fresh apples from my family’s orchard to accompany my strong pipe.

Nethersall said standing out to the judges was just part of the reasoning behind the fruity offering.

“For me, who grew up in the orchards of Aldomona, bringing apples was a reminder of my childhood. ” he said.

For Nethersoll and his father, the audition process was chaotic from start to finish.

The audition dates coincided with the October Shepperton floods, bringing another wave of anxiety to the aspiring artist.

“It was a wild experience trying to drive to Melbourne and bring my dad and family to the auditions,” he said.

To round out the idea of ​​potential flood damage, the Mr. Nethersall audition song chosen by the music team was: too good at saying goodbye Hitting chords above surface level by Sam Smith.

“I was fortunate to have songs that I knew well and felt aligned with my own experiences…beautifully personal and expresses my trauma,” he said. rice field.

“I lost my mother to an asthma attack when I was eight years old. It was very difficult as a young child… This song summarizes that and my experiences at different moments in my life.” .

Nethersoll can’t reveal what’s in store for this season Australian idol It’s meant for him, so for now it’s the game we’re waiting for until the end of the season.

Those who know Mr. Nethersall know that his musical journey is never boring.

Australian idol It premiered on Channel 7 and 7plus on Monday, January 30th.

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