Tips for successfully growing apple trees year-round

Dedication, dedication and patience are the keys to successfully growing an apple tree. A year-round and yearly commitment to caring for an apple tree can lead to great personal satisfaction and enjoyment of ripe apples on the tree. Understanding a few factors can help you choose trees that will be productive for years to come.

site selection

Location, location, location! Where you plant it determines whether or not your apple tree survives. The ideal location is one with no frost pockets. A gentle, well-ventilated slope protects the tender shoots from frost. Plant trees in the bottom three-quarters of the hill so that the frozen air can be expelled down the hill.

Light is important for apple trees. Apple trees should be planted away from buildings and trees that can shade them. Apple trees need full sun and should be pruned to allow light to penetrate the inner leaves. This is important for good flowering and fruiting throughout the tree.

The soil should be deep, well-drained soil. Some trees, like peaches, do not tolerate moist soil.


The apple tree is one of the most hardy fruit trees as it is one of the last fruit trees to flower. In southeastern Idaho, cultivars that bloom late and ripen in the fall before temperatures drop below freezing are best. Apple trees need deep, well-drained soil. Pollination of apple trees takes about three weeks with each variety flowering for about a week. Many apple trees require his second variety for cross-pollination by bees to ensure adequate yields. Apple tree varieties are classified into five flowering groups. For proper pollination, do not match Group 1 cultivars with Groups 4 or 5. Other group combinations should be sufficient for proper pollination.

Below is a table of apples successfully grown in Southeast Idaho. Pay attention to hardiness zones, as some varieties are better suited to cold climates.

chart picture 2
chart picture 3
chart picture 4
chart picture 5

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