Timothée Chalamet Stars in New Apple TV+ Branding Campaign

Apple TV+ partnered with Timothée Chalamet to showcase original programming and the famous line-up in a new branding campaign, “Call Me With Timothée Chalamet.”

The campaign video depicts Chalamet going head-to-head with Apple TV+ while marveling at works like “Causeway,” “Selena Gomez: My Mind and Me,” and the Emmy-winning Jason Sudeikis comedy “Ted Lasso.” increase. Chalamet begins to wonder why he hasn’t appeared on Apple TV+ yet.

When he’s alone at home, in a car with fans around him, at a press conference, or even at a spa, Chalamet watches his Apple TV+ shows while watching the future actor. start daydreaming about the job of “‘Severance’ is weird…I can be weird,” he says Chalamet.

The video then shows Chalamet in bed with a TV in front of him displaying the Apple TV+ home page. Chalamet whispers “Scorsese, DiCaprio, De Niro” (from “Killers of the Flower Moon”) before finally begging the camera to “Hey Apple, call me.”

Chalamet has appeared in movies like Call Me By Your Name, Ladybird, Beautiful Boy, Dune, and Bones and All. In 2018, he was nominated for an Oscar for Best Actor for Call Me By Your Name. His upcoming projects include ‘Dune: Part Two’ and ‘Wonka’, both in post-production.

“Call Me With Timothée Chalamet” will follow the hit campaign “Everyone but Jon Hamm” on Apple TV+ in January 2022. Hamm will soon be co-starring in Season 3 of The Morning Show on Apple TV+.

If this pattern continues, Chalamet could be the next star of Apple TV+ content.

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