‘Time to go home?’ Indian techie urges others to return to India after layoffs at Google, Amazon, Meta

The tech industry continues to feel the effects of the ongoing mass layoffs. Tech giants such as Google, Amazon, Meta, and Microsoft have announced layoffs in the past two months, leaving many tech employees out of work. Following these layoffs, Meta employees suggested returning to India to their fellow technicians. This employee argues that now is the perfect time for tech professionals to go home and their work can lead to real impact.

A Meta employee posted on Blind, a dedicated community for verified users, calling on Indian tech workers to return home in light of the ongoing layoffs. The employee claimed the layoffs demonstrated redundancy in their jobs.

In his post, the Meta employee said, “I was someone who was really looking forward to staying and working in the US for as long as possible. The layoff is making me rethink that very seriously. FAANG lays off 10k+ with minimal to no disruption to normal functioning, making us all wonder how redundant we all are.”

The employee said the stress caused “a severe drop in morale” even if the employee wasn’t laid off. Endorsing India’s tech sector, he said, “Founders and early employees back in India are solving real problems, building brands and making a big impact.”

visa difficulties

Many Indian employees in the IT sector are H-1B and L1 visa holders. Many of them struggle to hold visas to get jobs in the U.S. More than 30-40% of his IT professionals in India have been laid off in the U.S., according to a PTI report. increase. The H-1B visa is he one of the most popular options among Indian employees in the tech industry. In the event of a layoff, the employee will need to find another employer willing to sponsor her H-1B visa.The whole process is time limited and causes a lot of stress to laid off employees

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