TikTok reportedly has a secret ‘heating’ button to promote certain content

According to Forbes, Chinese video-sharing app TikTok has a “heat” button that allows users to promote certain types of content in their feeds. The outlet claims to have obtained this information by verifying six sources and documents.

The controversy over ByteDance and TikTok never ends. Occasionally, this Chinese app provokes new brawls and public criticism. The app has already been accused of spying on a US-based journalist to discover that employees were leaking company news to the media. In a recent case, Forbes claims that TikTok can promote special content in users’ feeds. This gives special treatment to certain videos.

This process is called “heating”. It works with algorithms to show you certain types of content and increase its exposure. According to his internal TikTok documentation reviewed by Forbes, “The Heating feature refers to boosting videos in the For You feed through manipulation intervention to achieve a certain number of video views.”

TikTok has a ‘heat up’ button to boost specific content

Sources told the outlet that TikTok is using the feature to lure influencers and brands into persuading them into potential partnerships. It has been. Ultimately, this means going viral on TikTok means there are shortcuts if you pay for it, and it has nothing to do with content quality. must be

From a business perspective, TikTok’s “heat up” button is very important to the company. This is because it brings a lot of cash. However, this feature could be used to promote a special agenda and influence public opinion on specific topics.

And let’s not forget that many Chinese companies and apps, including TikTok, have been criticized in the West for allegedly collaborating with the Chinese government. A few months ago, TikTok admitted that some of its China-based employees had accessed data of users in the United States.

Forbes also reports that some TikTok employees have used the “heat up” button to promote their accounts and people they know, which is against company policy. One of the documents reviewed said TikTok employees could use the feature to reach out to influencers and promote different content.

In response to the allegations, a TikTok spokesperson said, “We are promoting several videos that help diversify the content experience and introduce celebrities and emerging creators to the TikTok community. It declined to disclose whether its China-based employees have ever used the feature or overheated content that favored the Chinese government.

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