This wireless 55-inch TV is basically a giant phone that runs on batteries for up to a month

It’s a great concept, but the company behind it needs to deliver

We take all these great smartphones for granted these days, but when you think about it, they’re incredibly powerful computers that fit in a tiny pocket with up to two days of use on a single charge. Condensed into a form factor that fits. The same goes for laptops and tablets. They are as powerful as old desktop computers, but portable. 2022 newcomer Displace wants to bring this paradigm to TVs, unveiling at CES 2023 a 55-inch wireless TV with a proprietary battery that lasts up to a month on a single charge Did.


The Displace TV is basically a 55-inch rectangle with a 4K screen, making it significantly larger than your average TV. This makes sense, as you’ll need to reserve internal space for the four unique hot-swappable batteries that enable the TV’s wireless capabilities. They are placed on opposite sides of the TV frame and are easily removed for charging.


The Displace TV features an active loop vacuum system on the back, which purportedly allows it to stick to any surface without the need for a destructive wall mount. The TV itself doesn’t have a connector, but it does have a retractable camera on top that you must use to operate it. It is gesture based and does not come with a remote control. For what it’s worth, touch and voice input are alternatives, and the company wants to offer an app with remote capabilities.

All the smart and normal connectors are hidden in an extra box that connects wirelessly to your TV, but the box itself has to be plugged in. Because setting up the box while on the move can be a hassle. So far, however, the company hasn’t shared many details about this part of the equation at all.


Despite the box’s shortcomings, the Displace TV is impressive enough on its own, but the company has bigger things in mind. The base station should be able to connect to multiple TVs in the house and seamlessly switch between screens as you move from room to room. , the more you buy at once, the more discounts are applied.

You can also stack up to four TVs together to form an incredibly large 220-inch 8K TV (the company claims this gives you a 16K picture, but the math is simply not verified).

fish panel

Displace demoed the TV to a few journalists at CES, and it seemed to work well enough. That said, there is still plenty of room for skepticism. It is not known how fast the wireless connection between the TV and the base station will be, so things like surround sound systems and video games could be a problem due to latency.

Also, it remains to be seen how well the TV’s gesture navigation will work, especially with multiple people in front of the TV interacting with each other. It’s also something you have to put a lot of trust into to protect. Stacked 4K screens form his 16K panel, and the company claims that even a few glaring typos on its website don’t exactly inspire confidence.

At $3,000 each, Displace needs to make sure the experience is a success. Initially, Displace will only sell a limited number of units as part of pre-order deposits, with units he expects to ship in late 2023.

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