This major Apple security feature is now launching globally

When the recent iOS 16.2 update rolled out late last year, it added some cool features. Fortunately for security-conscious users, that is about to change.

Several major Apple news sites such as MacRumors and Macworld report that iCloud advanced data protection is coming worldwide with iOS 16.3. Currently in beta, the public version of this update will be available as early as next week.

What is iCloud Advanced Data Protection?

First released in the US with the iOS 16.2 update, iCloud Advanced Data Protection is a setting that protects data from many popular apps with end-to-end encryption. According to Apple, this is entirely optional, but provides the company’s “highest level of cloud data security.” This means that data from first-party apps that use iCloud, such as photos and notes, are safe even in the event of a cloud breach. This is because even Apple cannot access your data.

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By default, Apple encrypts iCloud data, but only a portion of it is end-to-end encrypted. What this means is that companies can store encryption keys in their data centers and assist in data recovery if needed. Contains the encryption key required to access the . To help with this, Apple will guide you through the setup process to assign a recovery contact or recovery key in case you lose access to your account.

What data does this Apple security feature protect?

Several native Apple apps come with iCloud end-to-end encryption by default, but additional apps and features provided by Advanced Data Protection include:

  • iCloud backup
  • iCloud Drive
  • photograph
  • Note
  • reminder
  • safari bookmark
  • Siri Shortcuts
  • voice memo
  • wallet pass

Other Apple security features include iMessage Contact Key Verification. This is another layer of protection that helps users ensure that only intended recipients can access their messages. In addition, there are security keys that go further with two-factor authentication, and a third-party hardware security key such as a YubiKey is required to complete the two-factor authentication process.

iOS 16.3 is widely known to be released next week, so keep an eye out for Apple’s security enhancements.

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