This Intel app lets you connect your Android, iPhone with Windows 11PC to take calls, file transfer, notifications and more

microsoft user owns android You can also connect your device to your Windows PC to get notifications, make calls, run apps and transfer photos wirelessly. However, this app only works on Windows and Android, not iPhone. As a solution to this, intel announced unison After publishing the app in November 2022 and two months later, it is finally available to users.
Intel Unison App Lets iPhone and Android Users Connect Their Phones to PCs
According to the official website, the Unison app allows users to link their smartphones to their Windows PCs and works on both Android and iOS devices provided they meet the necessary system requirements.
Minimum system requirements to run Intel Device Link:
iOS15 or later
Android 9 and higher
Windows 11 2H22 and newer:
The Intel Unison app is available on Android from the Google Play Store and on iPhone at apple app store and on a Windows 11 PC microsoft storeUsers also need to install and pair the app on both their smartphone and Windows 11 PC.
Also, the user must pair the phone bluetooth Just in case you want to answer a call using your Windows 11 PC.
Your phone must be nearby and powered on to pair your device. Also, an internet connection is required for both the phone and PC, and Bluetooth is required for pairing iOS devices.
Intel Unison: Features
As mentioned earlier, the Intel Unison app is designed to act as a bridge between your Windows 11 PC and your smartphone. The app offers obvious features like notifications, calls, etc. However, users can also quickly wirelessly transfer files between connected devices.
Additionally, users can use the app to send, receive, manage, and reply to messages on their PC.

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