Third suspect arrested in shooting at self-checkout line at Walmart in Mobile

Mobile police have arrested a third and final suspect implicated in a shooting incident at a Walmart self-checkout counter that injured two people.

Jimaurice Pierce, 19, was arrested Thursday in connection with the Dec. 27 shooting at a Walmart at 101 E. I-65 Service Road South. Katrina Frazier.

On December 29, 18-year-old Karmelo Denks was charged with attempted murder, first-degree assault and reckless endangerment, while 19-year-old Darrius Rowser was charged earlier this month.

Police said the two groups met at about 8:30 pm on Dec. 27 as one was trying to enter the store, while the other was in the checkout area and exchanged gunfire. Two people were treated for non-life-threatening injuries.

Rowser was also a suspect in a December 16 burglary in which three men broke into a house on the 2000 block of Dukes Avenue, police said. The three assaulted one victim, shot another fleeing victim, and stole property.

Police also say Roswer will be charged in the early hours of Saturday, November 26, in the shooting at the Paparazzi Club, a downtown venue on Dauphin Street. During the shooting, he was wounded by four people. Another suspect, John McCarroll, 28, was charged with assault in the incident.

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