These exciting features could come with the next Android 13 beta

Android 13 is generally available, but Google still has a beta program for Pixel users to test new features added to the platform. The next update is scheduled for March 2023. But thanks to 9To5Google, we’re getting an early glimpse of some of the features that may be included in the March beta update.

Now, 9To5Google’s Dylan Roussell enabled some of these features early on, but they remain hidden deep in Android and don’t work. So you’ll want to take this news with a grain of salt. These potential features are hidden deep inside Android, so it’s still half-baked. Not only that, but it can be easily removed before official release.

Beta release in March 2023 may add some features

Android 13 could introduce a grayscale theme to Material You. Currently Android takes the colors present in the wallpaper and applies them to the system theme. In other words, if you want a grayscale theme, you’ll need a black and white image. However, there seems to be a default grayscale theme option under basic colors.

Android 13 March Update 1

Then there might be a quick launch feature. As it stands, when you search for an app using the Google search bar in the Pixel Launcher, it pops up as one of the search results. However, with the Quick Lunch feature, just pressing the Enter button after typing the app’s name launches the app.

Android 13 March Update 6

Android 13 may separate the ringtone volume slider and the notification volume slider. This is great for people who want to mute notifications and ringtones individually.

Android 13 March Update 5

With the Android 13 beta release in March, Google may improve the back gesture for the first time since its introduction. When using the back gesture, I currently only see an arrow shape from the side of the screen. After improvement, however, the back button may be housed inside a small blob that stretches when pulled.

Android 13 may revolutionize the way you organize apps on your home screen. Moving the “Remove” and “Uninstall” buttons to the bottom prevents this screen from changing size when placing/moving apps.

Android 13 March Update 2

The following changes apply to tablets and foldable devices. The taskbar at the bottom could get a revamp. Hide yourself instead of being there all the time. Simply swipe up from the bottom of the screen to reveal it.

Android 13 March Update 4

Google may take notes from Samsung Dex

Last but not least, Google may be testing desktop mode. This may be one of the most notable features of the March beta update. We didn’t get to see much of this, but it looks like Google is preparing an experience similar to Samsung’s Dex.

Android 13 March Update 3

As we get closer to the official release, we’ll have more information about these potential changes.

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