Theeldor Promises A Medieval Fantasy Pokémon Go, In Alpha On Android Right Now

The new Theeldor is about to be released! The location-based fantasy combat game is ready to enter its second alpha iteration and is officially headlined.

Developed by Voodoocado Games, Theeldor is a medieval fantasy RPG that takes a Pokémon Go approach to questing. If you want to go out and kill goblins, you have to go out and catch them yourself.

Early version you can try now

The first alpha version of the game is available on Google Play and a new version will be released soon. The current build is promising, but about as rough around the edges as you’d expect from a title in development. Some visuals don’t have textures, so you’re probably looking at some placeholder assets. The models already in it are really nice and have a Warcraft 3 like aesthetic.

There are many fights and walks around the world, but Theeldor seems to have ambitions to be more than just a casual experience to inspire your morning run.

fully engaged experience

There are stories, quests, mysteries to solve, crafting systems, and even the player’s home. Overall, it seems like they’re trying to bring the concept of location-based play to a slightly more complex playstyle.

If there’s one thing mobile gaming does best, it’s portable and easy to carry. Additionally, devices usually have location services that make playing games like this much easier than on other platforms.

It’s great to see more developers taking full advantage of what the mobile platform has to offer. We are waiting to see what this Theeldor release has to offer.

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