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âš¡Welcome Weekly Authority, android authority A weekly newsletter with the latest Android and technology news. The 228th edition covers all the Galaxy S23 news, Google Stadia’s demise, nasty Pixel 7 bugs, streaming service fatigue and more…

🌄 January feels like such a long month, but I took a mid-week walk through one of Edinburgh’s most beautiful hills. Good company, good coffee, and nice weather!

January is a good time to think about switching mobile carriers. With so many providers and plans to choose from, it feels like a bit of a minefield!

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Hot news of the week

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra


  • T-Mobile suffered another data breach, affecting 37 million accounts, but presumably without exposing financial information, social security numbers, or government IDs.
  • A foldable, rollable cell phone might seem futuristic, but one company is imagining what it might look like.
  • Fitbit will end support for Pandora and Deezer on Sense, Versa 2/3 in March.
  • Speaking of which, my Fitbit steps and heart rate data are showing up in Google Fit.
  • Microsoft plans to integrate AI tools like ChatGPT into all of its products.
  • While we’re at Microsoft, the company could lay off 11,000 employees this week.
  • Wyoming wants to stop selling new electric vehicles entirely by 2035, while states like California are phasing out the sale of new fossil fuel-powered vehicles.
  • Airbus is testing autonomous flight technology on some aircraft, including autonomous taxiing and takeoff and landing.
  • Also, Boston Dynamics’ latest Atlas video demonstrates a robot that can run, jump, grab and throw.
  • Furthermore, in 2022, smartphone shipments will drop to their lowest level in a decade.


the last of us


Google Stadia playing on Phone 1
  • RIP Google Stadia: The service officially ended Wednesday, but the final game, Worm Game, was released. Updated Stadia controller software So it can be used on other devices.
  • Sony has announced the full list of PlayStation VR2 launch titles with over 30 games releasing on February 22nd.
  • Beyond Good & Evil 2, Ubisoft claims it’s still in development.
  • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II was the best-selling video game in the US last year, with Elden Ring a close second, according to The NPD Group.
  • Also, assets from some of Valve’s biggest games, including Half Life 2, Portal, and Team Fortress 2, have been leaked, including game modes and never-before-seen map prototypes.
  • Awesome Games Done Quick 2023 raises $2.6 million for cancer charities.
  • Meanwhile, the EU votes to address loot boxes, gold farming and gaming addiction.
  • Finally, a fix for Joy-Con drift? GuliKit’s Drift-Free Hall Effect Joystick may be the solution to your problem.
  • Additionally, the gaming industry’s annual report revealed that game developers are wary of harassment and intimidation from players. Also, 65% of the developers surveyed said his next game is for his PC. /t: axios gaming).


Skagen Falster Gen 6 review watch face shown in table22

Andy Walker / Android Authority


Jellyfin Media Server DVD Collection

Robert Triggs / Android Authority

Weekly Wonder

A 1X shot of the City Bowl with the Vivo X70 Pro Plus.

Hadley Simmons / Android Authority

1x zoom

We’ve all made it through another year of Blue Monday, but if you’re still feeling down, work might be to blame. But don’t worry. He can quit anytime and get one of the happiest jobs on earth…

  • Washington Post We analyzed thousands of time journals from the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ American Time Use Survey to find out what are the happiest, least stressful, and most meaningful jobs in America.
  • It may come as no surprise to find that people who work in the great outdoors – those in agriculture, logging and forestry – have the lowest self-reported stress and the highest happiness. I think lumberjacks are really okay.
  • Agricultural, logging and forestry workers also rated their work as highly meaningful, with those working in health and social services coming in a close second.
  • Surprisingly, however, real estate workers scored the second highest on happiness, despite reporting significantly higher levels of stress than workers in agriculture and forestry.
  • Finance and insurance workers were the least happy, with stress levels similar to those in education.
  • Construction workers also reported lower levels of stress and higher levels of happiness.
  • What’s the point? If you’re looking for a low-stress job that makes you happy, don’t be a teacher, an educator, or work in finance or insurance.
  • Of course, what makes us happy varies from person to person. If you love your job but still find it stressful, there are some great ways to relax and unwind. Try meditation, play his relaxing mobile game, catch a Z by listening to white noise with Nest Audio, or check out practical tips for using your smartwatch to sleep better. You can

tech calendar

  • January 24th: Forspoken Releases On PS5, PC
  • January 25 @ 3:00 PM ET: Xbox and Bethesda Developer_Direct
  • January 26th: Razer Edge released
  • January 27th: Dead Space Launches on PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC
  • February 1 @ 1:00 PM ET: Samsung Unpacked (Galaxy S23?)
  • February 7: OnePlus 11 global launch
  • February 22: PSVR 2 release date
  • February 27th to March 2nd: MWC 2023 Barcelona

Tech Tweet of the Week

There’s a TikTok trend of Family Guy clips stitched together with footage of people playing mobile games.

It started as a way to fend off the DMCA takedown, but has turned into a multi-sensory dopamine infusion that nullifies our collective attention span.

extra stuff: Still playing Wordle? Would you like to try Hausul? Try to guess within 5% of the house’s list price (6 attempts, presenting a new picture and clue for each wrong guess). (h/t: Hustle).

Paula Beaton, Copy Editor.

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