The Simpsons Hit & Run Soundtrack Is Out Now On Spotify And Apple Music

There’s been a lot of talk over the years about the revival of The Simpsons Hit and Run, a Grand Theft Auto-like title set in the fictional town of Springfield. Invisible, but earlier this week fans of the 2003 title noticed that the game’s soundtrack had been uploaded to services like Spotify and Apple Music:

Naturally, some are wondering if the game will make a comeback in the near future. He mentioned how he “loves” doing it, but said it would be “complicated” to bring it back (via IGN):

“I want to see the remastered version [Simpsons Hit & Run]I would, [but] It’s a complex corporate octopus trying to make it happen. “

In 2019, the game’s producer, Vlad Ceraldi, also expressed how “awesome” a potential Hit & Run remake would be.

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