The Redmi K60 could come to global markets as Poco F5 Pro


  • Reliable sources claim that Redmi K60 will get the name of Poco F5 Pro.
  • That means the Poco F5 Pro should have a QHD+ screen and wireless charging.

Xiaomi unveiled the Redmi K60 series earlier this week, bringing affordable flagship-level phones to China. At least one of these devices is expected to land outside of China and be renamed, with a trusted source revealing glaring details.

MIUI Poland Writer Kappel Skzipek murmured As for the global market, Redmi K60 will be called Poco F5 Pro. Skrzypek didn’t reveal additional details such as target markets, but speculates that the phone will arrive in Europe, India and elsewhere. It will be an F Pro model.

Kacper Violinist Poco F5 Pro

In any case, the Redmi K60 based Poco F5 Pro is an interesting proposition. Redmi’s standard model comes with a Snapdragon 8 Plus Gen 1 SoC, a QHD+ OLED screen and his 5,500mAh battery with 67W wired charging.

They are also the first Redmi phones with wireless charging capability (offering 30W speed). Based on this device, the Poco F5 Pro is therefore also the first in the Poco series to offer wireless charging. Otherwise, the K60 also offers his 64MP + 8MP + 2MP camera system, so don’t expect anything special in this regard.

The Redmi K60 starts at 2,499 yuan (~$359) in China, but in Europe it could add over $100 to the final price.

Skrzypek also claims that the Redmi Note 12 Speed ‚Äč‚ÄčEdition (with the Snapdragon 778G chipset) will appear as the Poco X5 Pro, while the Chinese Redmi Note 12 will either keep the Redmi Note 12 name or use the Poco X5 5G moniker. I’m here. Unfortunately, he didn’t say anything about his Poco F5.

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