The PS5’s DualSense Edge controller will have less battery life

The DualSense Edge controller for PS5 is definitely a hit, but battery life doesn’t seem to last as long as the original DualSense controller. Will it be enough of a problem to stop? Of course. Probably not massively, but some people might simply opt for another pro-style controller.

In a new report for The Verge, Sony says the DualSense Edge’s battery life is “moderately short”, and the change is due to the presence of many features not found in the original controller. while keeping it inside. For most people, short battery life probably won’t matter. But that certainly won’t be the best point for the owner.

Longer cables help preserve DualSense Edge battery life

Naturally, there are ways around this factor. Use the supplied cable. Sony’s new Pro Controller comes with a longer braided cable so you can easily keep the controller connected. If you want to save battery life for when you absolutely have to play wireless, this is the one for you.

Either that or use another controller with similar functionality. At $200, the DualSense Edge with short battery life isn’t good news. But another easy way to extend your battery life a bit is to use a charging stand.

This is a $30 accessory that works with the original DualSense as well as controllers like the SCUF Reflex line. Sony says it will work with the DualSense Edge as well. The idea here is if you need to get up to do something just dock the controller. Grab a drink? Place the controller on the charging stand. Use the bathroom and set it on the charging stand.

These short times prevent the controller’s battery from draining slowly. And even a little bit will always help. The DualSense Edge launches on his January 26th and is available for pre-order now via PlayStation Direct.

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