The Oura Ring may have a worthy competitor in the upcoming Evie

The best smartwatches and fitness trackers do an excellent job of tracking your health. But for those looking for a more discreet option, it’s a bit of a desert right now: The Oura ring has been popular for three generations of him, but monthly subscriptions offer wearers comprehensive health data. Just do it. California-based Movano Health is about to flip the script with its new Smart His ring designed specifically for women.


In addition to being able to track ovulation, periods and menstrual symptoms, Evie can monitor heart rate variability, SpO₂, resting heart rate and skin temperature variations. In addition to these stats, Evie also provides detailed information about your active minutes, steps taken during the day, sleep stages, mood, and more.

Movano Health says it will relay data in the form of “actionable insights” through its mobile app. These insights allow women to make the necessary lifestyle changes to reduce their chances of coping with chronic disease.

However, you cannot permanently benefit from that data. All of this is included in the purchase price of his Evie smart ring, which is under $300. Compare this to the latest Oura Ring, which costs $299 for the ring itself and $6 per month for data analysis.

The ring itself is made of polished aluminum and will be available for purchase in three finishes, which were not specified in the press release. .

The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has not cleared Movano’s claims about the Evie smart ring, but the company says it “plans to seek” approval. If approved, Evie will be the first medical-grade smart ring on the market.

The ring underwent a hypoxia test in October and returned clinical SpO2 and heart rate readings in line with FDA accuracy standards. This would allow the manufacturer to market her Evie as a pulse oximeter, giving it a significant advantage over modern Smart His Rings and fitness trackers.

Movano will provide a hands-on demonstration of the Evie smart ring for attendees at CES 2023 in Las Vegas next week. The manufacturer has not provided an exact timeline for the availability of the Evie smart ring, only stating that it will be available in mid-2023.

A recent report suggests that Google may soon allow users to control their augmented reality glasses using a smart bracelet or ring, so smart rings could be heading towards a more common future than we imagine. .

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