The Nothing Phone (2) will come to the US later this year

So Carl Pei’s Nothing is the newest kid on the block, and after the launch of Nothing Phone (1), we know it’s one of the coolest kids. The company made some waves with its first phone, but what about its successor? Carl Pei has confirmed that the Nothing Phone (2) will arrive later this year and enter the US market.

It seems odd that former OnePlus executive Carl Pei is already talking about the company’s second phone. The phone gets updates every year, but Pei recently said the company isn’t going to focus on the next phone just yet. After delivering Android 13 to his Nothing phone (1), the focus is on considering a second smartphone.

Despite the phone (1) functioning properly, it was still manufactured by a relatively small team. This means you no longer have to worry about how many people are working on a single project.

The Nothing Phone (2) will launch in the US

According to Inverse, nothing will have a major impact on the US market. “We decided to make the US our number one priority in terms of the market.” Nothing skipped the US on its first call, but Nothing Ear (1) made its way into the US. In fact, about a third of its sales came from the states. “If you look at our earbud sales, about a third comes from the US, and by not launching the phone in the US, we may be leaving a third of our sales volume on the table. ” he said in an interview, Mr. Pei.

This means that Nothing will finally enter the US market when it launches the Nothing Phone (2). Good news for those who were excited about the first generation. It’s not that Karl Pei didn’t advertise enough.

In any case, there is absolutely no information about Nothing Phone (2). Therefore, we do not know when this phone will be launched. The team at Nothing isn’t small, so we’re hoping to have everything in order with Android 13 on Nothing Phone (1) before we start pushing the next iteration.

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