The Leica Cine 1 laser TV is the first of its kind to support Google TV

CES 2023 brought a new laser TV from Leica. This product is camera manufacturer It enters a new industry and comes with cool software features. Cine 1 is the first Laser TV to support Google TV.

This was Leica’s first attempt at making a laser TV, and they nailed it. Current, laser tv industry, Laika may secure a place to stay. The design and specifications of this new product are also impressive.

Surprisingly, this new product competes fiercely with other products in its category. To put this Laser TV on par with its competitors, Leica has applied its knowledge of lenses. Here are the details of the new Cine 1 Laser TV:

Leica Cine 1 Laser TV Details and Specifications

The best feature of this Laser TV from Leica is its support for Google TV. Other specs include a 4K display with a maximum screen size of 120 inches. As for battery life, the Leica Cine 1 Laser TV has over 25,000 hours of life.

Like all laser TVs, Cine 1 is projected at an acute angle to the viewing surface. To achieve this, Leica uses Summicron Ultra Short Throw Lenses. The TV also comes with a triple laser setup that reproduces the exact colors you see on any flat surface.

This laser TV design uses an aluminum frame to improve aesthetics. Additionally, an automatic dust cover protects the lens and laser from particles when the TV is not in use. Cine 1 also comes with a built-in speaker whose grille is built into the aluminum frame.

Leica also utilizes its image stabilization technology to optimize natural color reproduction. For more information about this Laser TV, visit Leica official websiteIts retail price and availability will be released to the public shortly.

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