The International MLS [IMLS]® Launches Its Global Syndication Area For Members Joining Through MLSs and Associations

Boca Raton, Fla. ( January 25, 2023 – International MLS [IMLS]® today announced the completion of a global syndication platform for IMLS-MLS members. This allows a participating member of his MLS or Association to partner with her IMLS on the IMLS-MLS Member Benefits Plan to syndicate their listings to his 100+ properties. Portals in 60+ countries attracting an estimated 145 million monthly viewers.

We have made this easier for members to post an approved MLS IDX link from MLS or manually enter a listing for syndication purposes only to achieve real global exposure for their property.

“Last year, we entered into agreements with global technology partners to facilitate global syndication for IMLS members who became members on their own, rather than through the participation of MLS partners. Our members don’t just have all the listings in the international MLS [IMLS]® Like thousands of other agent and broker sites nationwide and around the world, you can choose to automatically syndicate your listings globally to attract the largest possible audience.

MLS and IMLS association members can now manually enter listings for syndication or enter approved MLS IDX links for their listings posted on IMLS. The list is then automatically updated and can also be automatically syndicated. said Dr. Nussbaum.

In addition to global syndication, IMLS members can also take advantage of IMLS’ exclusive product options and opportunities to build their business locally and globally with buyers and sellers. This includes his IMLS international search page with IMLS/IDX search to automate global property sharing of listings among agents around the world. Their customers can view all his IMLS listings worldwide in his 100+ languages. The web visitor stays on that agent’s her URL and the agent can take buyer leads and refer them to other agents of their choice.

IMLS members can also take advantage of the IMLS Global Luxury Agent marketing designation to provide a competitive advantage for booking more listings and getting more listings.

IMLS’ global technology platform delivers on certain core ethical promises to meet growing concerns about the direction of the real estate industry. IMLS does not advertise other agents on individual member listing pages. If a consumer is interested in a property, only that listing her agent will receive a lead. The IMLS initiative is to put the real estate market back in the hands of agents and brokers.

“The growth of IMLS has been exponential as we have grown from an estimated 17,000 members to over 305,000 over the last three years, and even more significant growth is expected with the participation of associations, MLS, brokers, agents, and developers. Our goal is to bring the world of real estate closer together by serving the best interests of all involved.Dr. We believe that you will be able to become a member and understand the strategic benefits of joining the IMLS global initiative.

About International MLS [IMLS]®

International MLS [IMLS]® is a real estate technology company, global portal and product platform serving agents, brokers, associations, developers, buyers and sellers worldwide. Based in Boca Raton, Florida, The IMLS has listings available in over 100 countries and in over 100 languages ​​for him, and IMLS allows agents to create all of their listings for their website. increase. IMLS helps all agents and brokers know that they can pay a commission on every sale generated by IMLS search through referral agreements with other agents worldwide and currently has over 305,000 members. Allows you to view international real estate listings. More information about The International MLS [IMLS]® and all its services can be found at

About the IMLS-MLS member benefits program

The IMLS-MLS Member Benefits Program is designed to provide a complete platform solution for MLS and Association Agent and Broker members. All listings are approved and displayed on the global portal. It can also be listed on his website for agents or brokers around the world.

It also includes an agent directory listing for every city our members serve, providing international exposure while providing your own secure area with the IMLS agent platform for special IMLS product options to aid your marketing. You can network internationally while having full access to Efforts as a Luxury and Global Agent.

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