The Biden Administration is aiming legislation and antitrust enforcement actions, similar to the EU’s DMA, against Apple, Google+

In 2020, tech companies favored Democrats over Republicans. It is on record that 84% of Apple’s political donations and 88% of Google’s political donations went to the Democrats. Companies such as Google, Facebook, and Twitter have suppressed his Replican views on their sites over money. Twitter is the most notable due to recent revelations.

However, with all the backing from Apple and Google, it was reported today that the Biden administration is taking aim at Apple and Google, which run mobile app stores, claiming it will stifle competition. The move may reflect some of the key attributes set out in the EU’s Digital Markets Act (DMA).

The Associated Press reported, “The findings were announced by the administration on Wednesday when President Joe Biden convened a competition council for an update on efforts to boost competition and keep prices down.” Included in the report.

According to a report from the Department’s National Telecommunications and Information Administration, the current app store model is dominated by Cupertino, Calif.-based Apple Inc. and Mountain View, Calif.-based Google LLC. It said the reduction would be “harmful to consumers and developers.” innovation. It adds that companies have market power that stifles competition.

He added, “The policies that Apple and Google have in place in their own mobile app stores create unnecessary barriers and barriers for app developers, from access fees to feature restrictions that prioritize some apps over others. It created a cost.”

Mr Biden said: Businesses, family businesses, entrepreneurs — you can compete on a level playing field with the biggest companies. “

Apple has championed the area around the iPhone app store, known as the walled garden, as an essential feature for consumers who want maximum protection for their personal information. The company says it faces significant competition from a variety of iPhone video game alternatives. Google has long defended itself against claims of monopoly.

Finally, the Department of Commerce report said that “new laws and additional antitrust enforcement actions are likely to be required” to encourage competition in the app ecosystem. Read the full AP report for more details.

The Financial Times reported in August 2021 that one of the most influential members of the antitrust movement is now 32-year-old academic Lena Khan. Lina Kern is the person Joe Biden named to revolutionize her FTC and bring it back to its discredited state.

Last year, Khan initiated a fundamental reform of the Commission, rescinding policies designed to limit its legal powers, changing the way decisions are made, and supporting antitrust law enforcement in the United States. I promised to rewrite the statement. Supporters say she’s laying the groundwork for an era of breaking the second trust.

Many progressives believe the FTC has failed in its core mission. They point to the presence of US technology giants such as Google, Apple Facebook, and Amazon, and argue that monopolies are being allowed to once again take over the US economy. For more information, see the Financial Times report.

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