The best smart kitchen gadgets for new cooks

Thinking about a new adventure in the kitchen? Cooking because you want to save more money, eat healthier, start cooking for your kids, or pick up a new delicious hobby. Some start. Others may have mastered a few basic meals, but really want to branch out into a wider variety of dishes and new flavors.

Whatever your motivation, the right smart technology can help a lot when trying new things in the kitchen. These smart gadgets can help you quickly discover new recipes and master your diet, even if your schedule is a bit tight.

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Instant Pot Pro Plus

Strong Points

  • Incredible Versatility

  • Significant improvement in usability

  • Fun and convenient remote control function


  • Community recipes are hit and miss

There’s a good reason the Instant Pot is a popular recommendation for new chefs. am. It’s also very secure, with plenty of shutdown features and sensors to ensure nothing gets burned, so you never have to worry about making mistakes. A wealth of settings lets you quickly cook chicken, make beans, sauté vegetables, make yogurt – it’s a long list.

Luckily, this Wi-Fi version includes lots of smart features to help you out. Among others, there are apps that offer nearly 2,000 recipes, apps that control your Instant Pot from a distance, and alerts when you’re not close enough to hear the timer. Oh, and the inner pot is dishwasher safe and easy to clean, so you won’t have to stress over a bunch of pots and pans later.

Instant Pot Pro Plus
Cuisinart CFP-800 Blender.

Cuisinart CFP-800 Blender

Strong Points

  • full blending kit

  • Durable design with powerful motor

  • easy operation


  • No app-based recipes or instructions here

Blenders aren’t just for smoothies and frozen margaritas. It’s a kitchen staple that can be used over and over again to make sauces, puree, chop vegetables for salads, make a variety of soups, and more. salsa etc. This super-powerful Cuisinart model is ready for anything, as he has three different attachments, including a 40-ounce blender. The 500-watt motor is built to last and can handle just about anything (but don’t try to blend your iPhone).

New cooks will appreciate how simple this blender is to use. Basic knob-based controls let you adjust the power you need, so you can closely monitor your results.

Cuisinart CFP-800 Kitchen Central 3-in-1 Food Processor Gunmetal

Cuisinart CFP-800 Blender

Breville Mini Smart Oven Toaster.

Breville Mini Smart Oven Toaster

Strong Points

  • 8 great cooking functions

  • Four factors that enable precision cooking

  • Fast heating at 1800 watts


  • Not as smart as some high-end models

The toaster oven does more than just toast. They’re like advanced microwave ovens that cook in different ways, so you can create all kinds of dishes or keep things warm without using the oven entirely. This model offers 8 cooking functions and 4 elements and is equipped with various sensors for excellent results without tripping the fire alarm.

The 1800W oven heats up quickly and is large enough to handle basic baking, small pizzas, roasts, cookies and more. It is easy to clean and comes with an enamel top. We chose this model because it’s more affordable, but you can also consider the more expensive model if you want amazingly smart technology. June Oven Gen 3The HD Cam automatically recognizes the food you put in it and allows you to set your own cooking schedule while air-frying, dehydrating, baking or grilling. An expensive upgrade, but great for new chefs.

Breville Mini Smart Oven Toaster, brushed stainless steel, BOV450XL

Breville Mini Smart Oven Toaster

Google Nest Hub Max

Don’t underestimate the value of smart displays in your kitchen. With simple voice commands, you can view recipes, ask questions about specific foods, convert measurements, set timers, and more, even when your hands are full. The 10-inch screen lets you watch cooking videos to learn more, get visual cues and learn what certain words mean (such as dice and mince), when foods are ripe, and other useful tips. can know

Plus, it’s a smart display, so you can stream music while you cook, watch your favorite shows, and control a range of smart devices with Google Assistant. You can even set reminders and shopping lists for future recipes!

Google Nest Hub Max
Meter Plus smart meat thermometer.

Meeater Plus Smart Meat Thermometer

Strong Points

  • Precision meat thermometer with probe

  • Bluetooth connectivity for mobile control

  • Includes timers, instructions, and customized alerts


  • Designed primarily for large cuts of meat and poultry, so you don’t always get a lot of use for it

Cooking large cuts of meat or large birds can sometimes feel very difficult for those who are still used to the kitchen. Getting the right temperature at the right time can be difficult with a traditional oven or grill. But this smart meat thermometer makes the job much easier. It uses Bluetooth and an app to send temperature updates via a probe and dual sensors, but that’s just the beginning.

The app can walk you through cooking different meats, give you precise timers based on your goals, and set custom alerts for more freedom. One of the best ways to get great results without having to know exactly how your oven or grill works.

Meeater Plus 165ft Long Range Smart Wireless Meat Thermometer

Meeater Plus Smart Meat Thermometer

Drop Smart Scale.

drop smart scale

Strong Points

  • hands-free measurement

  • App-based recipes and conversions

  • Clean, easy-to-use design


  • Not everyone needs a smart scale to measure

Need help with a more complex measurement? This smart scale is built for accurate measurements and offers advice on scaling recipes up or down for different numbers of people and making ingredient substitutions It is useful for calculating quantities, such as providing The app also offers dozens of interactive recipes and the ability to measure without having to touch the scale at all.

drop smart kitchen scale
anova Precision Cooker Wi-Fi Review Version 1550879740 Wi-Fi

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Anova Sous Vide Precision Cooker

Strong Points

  • make great food

  • An app full of recipes

  • Holds temperature well

Anova’s smart cooker is designed to be submerged in water, allowing you to monitor the status of your sous vide, so you can cook a variety of dishes with perfect soaking. Eggs, meats such as steak and lamb, and fish are popular. The rice cooker monitors the situation and issues instructions via an app while circulating the water to ensure the food is evenly cooked. It also handles the heating process so you don’t have to hover over the stove controls. It’s a great companion if you’re into precision sous vide cooking.

Anova Culinary Sous Vide Precision Cooker

Anova Sous Vide Precision Cooker

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