The best Marvel games on Android in 2022

It wasn’t that long ago that Marvel Comics was a niche thing. For better or worse, the commercial success of the Marvel movies has greatly boosted the popularity of the brand, including numerous games that run on everything from PCs and consoles to your favorite Android tablets and smartphones. rice field.

From Captain America to Black Widow, all the notable superheroes have appeared in their own movies. But with so many outstanding heroes and villains, Marvel is a natural fit for genres like role-playing and fighting games. Thanks to this diversity, card games and even puzzle games are mixed in, making up some of the best games on Android. .

So, if you want to ignore the stink and go straight to the cream of the crop, help us in that effort with our list of the best Marvel games on Android.


marvel snap

Marvel Snap will be released in late October 2022 to rave reviews from critics and players alike. This is a collectible card game developed by Second Dinner, a studio led by Ben Brode, the game’s lead and his designer, with the participation of several former Hearthstone developers, including Yong Woo and Hamilton Chu. .

Forget the long match times of Hearthstone and MTG, as Marvel Snap boasts short match times of up to 3 minutes. Characters from the Marvel Universe appear in card form, each with their own stats and abilities. All cards have different variations, always new ones to collect. Not to mention the myriad of updates already in store for the game, so expect a consistent stream of new content.

Marvel Contest of Champions

The Marvel All-Star Contest features a star-studded ensemble of famous characters. As he in one of the best fighting games on Android, you can create a team that includes heroes like Captain America or Star-Lord, or villains like Venom or Green Goblin.

Characters gain bonuses depending on who they pair with. In other words, pairing Wolverine with Cyclops would benefit their stats, but Spider-Man should probably avoid Venom. A full story mode with locations is also included. Test your newly built team against the strongest Marvel villains.

marvel future fight

Marvel Future Fight features over 200 Marvel characters, both heroes and villains. Much like Contest of Champions, pairing with the right teammates will give your character significant stat bonuses. Assemble a team of X-Men or Avengers to help each character reach their full potential.

Take on the game’s extensive story mode alone or in alliance with other players from around the world. Marvel Future Fight has many quests. And if you feel that your skills are limited, you can test your abilities through his PvP his arena combat in the game.

marvel future revolution

Marvel Future Revolution, also developed by Netmarble, claims to be the first open-world Marvel game on Android. In addition to working through the game’s story mode and quests, you can test your mettle against online players.

As one of the more recent mobile Marvel titles, Marvel Future Revolution boasts some of the best visuals on the platform to date. Also, the number of playable characters is about 12, but the game is updated regularly with new characters added. For now, though, you can not only play as Scarlet Witch, Spider-Man, and Wolverine, but also create your own Marvel-his character, complete with dazzling outfits and abilities.

marvel pinball

Marvel Pinball features Marvel characters on the table, but the game does not include actual combat. Instead, play his pinball table inspired by characters from the Marvel Universe to score high his score while guiding the ball through a maze-like structure.

Marvel Pinball is $0.99 to play and is also included with Play Pass subscriptions. Purchase of the game gives access to Avengers tables, with additional tables available for separate purchase. Choose from tables featuring iconic Marvel characters such as Iron Man and Thor, as well as groups such as the X-Men and Fantastic Four.

Marvel Puzzle Quest: Hero RPG

Missing Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo? Then Marvel Puzzle Quest might be the game for you. Likewise, the game combines elements of puzzle gameplay and action RPG. Of course, you’re playing as a Marvel Universe character, not a Street Fighter character.

Marvel Puzzle Quest features over 250 characters fighting on-screen while playing a match-3 game. There’s also a story campaign mode you can participate in, and collectible comic covers that enhance your character.

Marvel Strike Force: Squad RPG

If you can’t get enough of Marvel-themed RPGs, this is the one for you. Marvel Strike Force is a turn-based RPG where you build a team of Marvel characters. In this case, however, both heroes and villains join forces to protect Earth from outside threats, doubling the pool of cool characters.

Form an unusual alliance made up of Captain America, Loki, Red Skull, Hulk and more. Additionally, you can equip powerful gear and abilities to run faster, attack harder, and jump higher. Marvel Strike Force offers epic cinematic combos with simple and intuitive controls.

Marvel Collect!tops

Marvel Collect, as a collectible card game, is not an interactive video game per se. That said, if you’ve ever wanted to build a card collection of just about every Marvel character in existence, Marvel Collect might be for you. Open the pack. The cards cover the entire repertoire of fictional universes, from classic comics to modern Disney interpretations, so there’s a little bit for everyone.

But it’s not just about owning a digital representation of a hero. Collecting cards gives you various achievements that you can share in the form of avatars and more on your profile. In a way, Marvel Collect is like Panini’s sticker album. Once you start collecting unwanted duplicates, you can trade them with other players. Or you can combine them to create additional versions of the same character.

More variety than it looks

Not surprisingly, with games like Contest of Champions and Future Revolution, action and RPG elements dominate the Marvel name. But many developers don’t hesitate to add another twist to their brand. Marvel Collect and Marvel Snap are for card game fans. If you’re tired of throwing combos and constantly upgrading your character, games like Marvel Pinball and Marvel Puzzle Quest will help you relax.

Missed your favorite Marvel game? If so, highlight it in the comments. We will consider your suggestion for the next update.

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