The best job in America is still in tech, and it pays $120,000 a year

Job cuts in the industry will increase tenfold from 2021 to 2022, creating a ubiquitous threat to those who are fortunate enough to still fill the role. At a company like Twitter, an individual’s future depends on the CEO’s priorities. Even employees of seemingly solid companies like Salesforce, Amazon, and Meta are losing tons of jobs across industries.

None seem to be enough to push tech jobs off the pedestal. According to this year’s US News and World Report best jobs list, the best jobs in America are software developers. Four of his other tech jobs, including web developer and his IT manager, make the top 10, along with jobs in various health areas.

To assemble the rankings, US News conducted its own interviews and based them on several factors, including stress levels, work-life balance, median salary, unemployment rate, and projected job openings from 2021 to 2031. analyzed data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

That means software developers have less stress, a healthier work-life balance, and a median annual salary of $120,000. By 2031, 370,600 new software developer jobs are projected to be created, an above-average rate.

“Software developers are becoming increasingly important to the growth and sustained success of businesses across industries,” writes Janica Ingram, career editor for US News. Demand for such workers will continue to be high, she added, as the number of software-powered products and services increases.

Tech pros are a hot commodity

Between layoffs, canceled offers, and indefinite pauses in growth, employees with transferable software skills are rarely out of work for long periods of time.

ZipRecruiter Chief Economist Julia Pollak said: wall street journal“They are still the most sought-after workers with the most in-demand skills” and “the most likely to be self-sufficient.”

According to ZipRecruiter research, the majority of laid-off tech workers (about 79%) find a job within three months of searching. His 37% of laid-off tech workers got a new job within a month.

A Revelio Labs analysis found that 72% of laid-off technology workers were back in business within 90 days. Software engineers have been particularly lucky. He 79% of them got a new job within that period. And the analysis found that just over half of laid-off technology workers are earning more in new jobs.

Revelio Labs senior economist Reyhan Ayas said: insider‘The job market is still hot’

It’s hot for medical workers too. This year’s devastating cold and flu season has reiterated what Ingram calls “the ever-present human need”: nearly 40% of his top 100 best jobs in US News are Engaged in either medical or medical support. This is perhaps not surprising given their above-average salaries and almost non-existent unemployment.

Still, tech workers made their way to the top. And wherever they are unhappy, they don’t have to worry about the future.Every company in 2023 will be a software company, according to McKinsey and BlackRock experts.

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