The Best Android Flight Simulator

The intense world of Microsoft Flight Sim has arrived, awakening the world to the beauty of simulated flight, but not all of us have a killer PC to fly a plane. We found the best flight simulator Android has to offer for mobile gamers. That means you can fly the world wherever you want! Yes, even on the toilet!

If you’re itching to take their air, we’ve got the list for you! To help you find the best mobile flight sims, we’ve created this handy list.

Best Flight Simulator Android: X-Plane

The most detailed mobile flight simulator, X-Plane is the best flight simulator available for Android gamers. Not only is it a real flight sim on the level of PC games, but it’s also a good one.

X-Plane is a great simulator for mobile. Much like PC games, you need a detailed portable flight simulation. Not only can you fly around the world, but you can fly with amazing precision.

This might be the best flight simulator an Android gamer can get, but it can be expensive. Yes, the game is free to download, but you only get the number of planes you choose. Additionally, you are locked out of the multiplayer feature. On the other hand, you can still fly around the world!

However, spending money in the end will give you access to even more gorgeous and detailed planes.While not on the level of Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020, these cockpits are very impressive and interactive. It’s just so cool!

If you like X-Plane, there is also Air Traffic Control gameplay. This means you can jump on Discord and guide real players to their destinations and help them land. If you like roleplaying, this is the game for you.

X-Plane is free to try, so go ahead and give it a try.

infinite flight simulator

While not as accurate as X-Plane, Infinite Flight Simulator is a more casual experience.

Choose from over 50 aircraft in this giant flight sim. It may not be the best flight simulator an Android gamer can get, but it’s the perfect moment for airplane enthusiasts.

Satellite imagery allows you to explore the world in up-to-date atmospheric conditions. Is it foggy over Swansea? Yes? Then it will be displayed here.

Is Infinite Flight Simulator typically your go-to choice for mobile flight simulation? Why? Even if it’s a step behind X-Plane’s mechanics, it’s more accessible to most players.

It’s easy to recommend IFS to anyone who wants to sit on a ceramic throne and enjoy the virtual sky. With this in mind, try checking this way.

Microsoft Flight Simulator

Virtual flight simulator games can technically be played on Android, but be careful. Games can only be played on Android through Xbox Cloud Gaming, a game streaming subscription service.

In short, this is the best flight simulator Android has, but only through external means. Additionally, the game requires an Xbox controller to play, which isn’t the best way to play. If you want the full experience, you need a console/PC compatible flight stick.

Nevertheless, this is the definitive flying experience. Fly a 1:1 reproduction of Earth with real-time sky and weather conditions using our highly detailed collection of airplanes. It’s really amazing.

In maybe 10 years, Microsoft Flight Simulator on Android will become a reality. Unfortunately, it’s only available for streaming at the moment, but it’s still highly recommended.

real flight simulator

Real Flight Simulator is a much more basic game than X-Plane. As a premium experience, he has to pay £0.99 to enter, but it’s a fun time for those who love to fly.

It’s not the best flight simulator Android has, but it’s still a fine choice. Fly around the world, recreate your favorite airports, experience real-time weather, and more.

If X-Plane or Infinite Flight Sim aren’t your thing, Real Flight Simulator is for you. However, you may want more advanced features from other titles.

Still fun, I recommend the game! If you would like to receive it, please follow this link.

Got the best flight simulator on Android?

Hopefully, this list has given you your dream flight simulator on mobile. Did we help you find exactly what you wanted? If so, let us know in the comments below!

If not, what flight games do you enjoy on mobile? We’re always trying to add to the list, but it looks like it’s not complete yet!

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