The best Android apps released in 2022 for your new phone, tablet, or Chromebook

It’s getting harder and harder to find new app releases on the Play Store now that Google has removed the new releases section, but that doesn’t mean here at AP we’ve stopped tracking new and exciting releases. So, we’ve put together a roundup of our favorite new releases for 2022 in this handy roundup. Given that many of our readers will be busy playing with their new Android devices this Christmas, today’s roundup of Best of the Year should help everyone fill up their storage with worthy apps. . Whether you’re looking for a keyboard replacement or a calming app to unwind at night, you’ve got yourself covered. Get in there and dig in. happy holiday!



ok you got me Start with an old app from 2012. But, in case you didn’t know, the Steam app got a complete overhaul this year with lots of new features and a completely new look. For starters, you can now use the Steam app for authentication when logging into your account. No more going to your email to get your code. You can join just by holding your mobile phone over the QR code. Along with this handy feature, we’ve added a news feed that covers your personal interests, making it easier to keep up with your favorite games. And the UI revamp makes everything intuitive, including shopping in the store. All in all, Steam’s big app update this year was a welcome addition (given how bad the old version was), and it came just in time to browse the Android app and familiarize yourself with the Steam Deck.


If you thought Steam at the top of the list was a good troll, the second best app of the year isn’t even a new release in 2022 (probably the current state of apps released on the Play Store for brevity That’s right, BeReal is next on the list, an app for 2020. Despite this release date, the popular photo-sharing app didn’t go mainstream until 2022. Behind it The idea is simple, every day at a random time, everyone takes a picture at the same time, the result is as funny as you can imagine, thanks to the random time this takes place, every day and each shot is forced This not only cuts out the stylized pictures of other apps that don’t represent real life, but it actually gives a sneak peek into what everyone does in their daily lives. You can also take a peek, which is very interesting, it doesn’t matter who you follow.

simple keyboard

Simple Mobile Tools is best known for its open source apps such as calendar, gallery and even flashlight apps. The company is constantly expanding its catalog, so the Simple Keyboard was released this year. Like its predecessor, the app is free, ad-free, and permissions are kept to a minimum. Yes, it’s a basic keyboard app, not as flashy or feature-rich as others, but you can use it with the full understanding that it respects your privacy and lets you jump to code whenever you want. Help develop or audit what you’re using.


At the moment, everyone is pretty unhappy with Twitter, so Mastodon is being touted as a solid alternative. And it’s true. Mastodon is also a microblogging platform, so it’s somewhat like Twitter, but it’s decentralized, so no one person is pulling the strings. So for everyone looking for a Twitter alternative in 2022, it just so happens that Mastodon launched a full-fledged app this year. perfect timing. There’s a slight learning curve as everyone can run their own server, but once you get the hang of it, it’s not much different than the big-picture Twitter that most people are probably looking for in these strange times.

Daily Diary: Journal with Lock

This is a handy little diary app and was mentioned in the Play Store’s Best Apps and Games Awards. It’s one of the best apps to be released in 2022, so we want to give you more than just mention. Its simplicity. That’s right, it’s a diary app, a place to write down your notes and thoughts for the day, all protected by password, fingerprint or face ID (to prevent prying eyes). However, you can also track your mood and even attach a photo. I can. This way, you can apply what you learn to keep yourself in a better mood more often. not.

Little Lunch – Meal Planning

Another honorable mention by Google, Little Lunches is a hidden gem. At its core, it’s a meal planning app, and it’s great, especially for large families that need a little help tracking and planning meals. Alternatively, you can order delivery if you don’t have time to go yourself. This is perfect for professionals and related caretakers.Three is just a small part of a parenting guide, but this is an app that focuses on the whole family, so plan your toddler’s meals with an adult at home. can do.

Plant Parents: A Guide to Plant Care

Not everyone is born with a green thumb, but having plants around the house can make things feel homely and livable. Plant Parent is last year’s sleek release that makes it easy to help keep everything green and thriving. . You can also see how much light you’re receiving to help you stay healthy, which is especially important during the winter months. You can also know This is not only convenient when you are out and about, but also useful in the garden. So if you’re looking for a one-stop shop for all your plant needs and don’t know where to start, Plant Parent can help.

Sleep Fruit: Calm Meditation

There seems to have been a huge push over the past few years to keep my mind right, whether I’ve been using too many apps or simply trying to find a little something for the night. A meditation app designed to help you live a peaceful life. That’s a big claim for the app, but there’s something to be said for resting all night. Thanks to the many sounds, music and stories in this app, you can easily find the one that makes you feel good to rest… Peace at night. And with new content added every week, there’s always something new to discover.

With over 1 million installs last year, Widgetshare is a sleek little widget the whole family can enjoy. In short, it’s an image widget, you can easily add any image you want, but you can also add new users like friends and family, and everyone who uses the app can change the photo and share it with each other. So one day you add a shot of your dog doing something adorable, and the next day a friend tries to one-up you with a photo of their kid doing something even more precious. You may. You can also add random interesting images you find online. The truth is, the world is your oyster and you can share that oyster image with whoever you share this widget with. Not only is this a lot of fun, but it’s also very convenient.

Offering a similar idea to Widgetshare, the noteit widget is all about leaving notes for your partner. So the intention with this release is to get a little more intimate and share your notes with your significant other. This can be something as simple as a grocery list or a love letter to show your dying love to your partner. It’s not limited to, handwritten input works. So think of the last two widgets as two widgets. Put both on your home screen and stay in touch with your friends and family with the magic of widgets.

Brickize: Brick Wallpaper

It wouldn’t be a year-end roundup in AP without live wallpapers on the list. The standout live wallpaper for 2022 is Brickize. As you can see, it’s a simple app that when you grab an image and run it through the app, you get a Lego-like output with an image made up of blocks. You can choose a size similar to many pixel-based live wallpapers that offer similar image transformations. Still, the result is a clever twist on a familiar formula that should be on every LEGO fan’s radar. So add this live wallpaper app to your new Android smartphone or tablet and put the theme into action in 2023.

What’s your favorite Android app this year?

AP has had the opportunity to review some of the best apps released in 2022, and which ones are your favourites? Certainly over 10 notable apps have been released in the past year. Share your favorites in the comments section below for everyone to enjoy. It’s the holiday season, after all, so soak in the holiday season and play with the new smartphones, tablets, and Chromebooks your silly loved ones bought this season. Nothing beats tinkering with new electronics on vacation, so let’s get to the test.

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