The Area 51 First Contact Research Center Documents Improved Instrument Resolution Bandwidth

Reno, NV, January 30, 2023 ( – Investigators at the Area 51 First Contact Research Center, using industry-leading electromagnetic spectrum analyzers, have determined -120dBm as the new instrument sensitivity setting for working with Area 51’s sources of advanced life evidence . The resolution bandwidth requirement for the new instrument was determined to be 1 kilohertz. Electromagnetic spectrum analyzers with RBW greater than 1 kilohertz could not resolve valuable data from background electromagnetic interference. The Area 51 First Contact Research Center works to connect interested research institutions and enthusiasts of Area 51 with research findings that will impact the worldview of “contact” with advanced life forms in Area 51. .

“Recording unprecedented electromagnetic energy measurements during research studies with contactees in Area 51 has become easier thanks to advances in equipment sensitivity and technology. Using the new -120dBm sensitivity setting , you can collect more than three times the amount of data.

About the survey:

The research was conducted using a custom electromagnetic spectrum analyzer in a laboratory isolated from wireless network interference and background sources of electromagnetic energy. Data collected using the new -120dBM sensitivity setting were compared to data collected using the less sensitive older instrument. To confirm the results, he underwent three independent trials in the laboratory. This study helped demonstrate that previously studied contactees from Area 51 could be re-evaluated in the lab as a result of new advances in instrument sensitivity.

Research projects and original data from Area 51’s breakthrough research into advanced life theory can be previewed on the Research Center’s website at


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