The Alliance Alive Android Port Released In English

With the Alliance Alive Android port released, mobile gamers finally get a chance to enjoy a much-underrated piece of JPRG history. The port is available from Google Play and will set you back £9.99/$11.99, but the complete experience and price will give you plenty of hours of adventure.

Charming albeit desolate setting

The original version of The Alliance Alive was released for 3DS in 2017. HD remasters appeared for Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC in the years that followed. Last year, his Android version of Alliance Alive was released in Japan, but only now has it gotten an English port.

The port gets an HD remaster with better sprites and textures, so it’s pretty much what you get on PC and consoles.

The world of Alliance Alive was invaded long ago by powerful creatures called demons. They divided the world, separated realms from each other by barriers, and began their despotic rule over society.

This chaos has ravaged the climate and the skies have been dark and gloomy for centuries. In this world, humans are the lowest of society, below demons and beastmen.

Somewhat quirky mechanics

You control some members of a resistance group who are trying to oppose the rule of Daimon and his underlings, the Beastmen. They also want blue skies back on their land.

Gameplay is what you’d expect from JPRG with a few twists. The combat system is turn-based, but characters do not have levels. Instead, you earn points that can be used to purchase skills.

You can explore a large world map with free movement and experience a lot of content. Old style he might be worth your time and money if you like JRPGs.

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