The 2023 Honda Accord will launch with Google app integration

of Android community We’re getting some big news about the upcoming 2023 Honda Accord top trim.Ah Recent reports This upcoming vehicle will support Google’s built-in integration. This feature will be standard only on the top trim of the future Accord vehicle lineup.

Google’s built-in integration will allow users and buyers of this vehicle to use the app in their vehicle. The app is accessible through the Google Play Store and receives regular OTA software updates. Users interact with apps made available through this integrated software on the infotainment screen.

However, Honda Accord vehicles already have access to Android Auto, so some users may wonder if this is new.Well, the system that will come in 2023 Honda Accord top trim is not Android Auto. Here are some explanations to help you better understand this new system.

Details of the Google built-in integrations coming to the 2023 Honda Accord

A reporter from Automotive News unveiled the following features, but left with certain questions. Netizens have started questioning what this feature really is and how it differs from the popular Android Auto. To get an answer to this question, ‘The Barge‘ decided to get the answer directly from Google.

According to their findings, Google’s built-in integrations are nothing new to the automotive industry. This feature is just branding cars powered by Google Automotive Services (GAS). With this service, your car can access apps such as Google Assistant, Google Maps, and other apps available in the Google Play Store.

But what is the difference with this function android auto That means it doesn’t require a mobile phone to function properly. Apps available through this system are integrated into the car and work even if they don’t support wired or wireless connections. This allows you to control certain functions in your car using Google Assistant, such as your mobile device.

To operate this feature, 2023 Honda Accord buyers will use the built-in 12.3-inch center screen. The upcoming arrival of Google built-in integration in Accord will not remove Android Auto support. Google says the manufacturer can use both software his packages in its vehicles. Choosing which one works better is the sole concern of the end user.

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