‘That S*** Get You Beat Up!’ Buffalo Bills Respond to Cincinnati Bengals Eli Apple’s Tasteless Damar Hamlin Tweet

The Cincinnati Bengals deservedly celebrated their 27-10 victory over the Buffalo Bills in the AFC Divisional on Sunday.

But Bengals cornerback Eli Apple may have gone a bit too far…the Bills won’t let him go so easily.

“Cancun on 3!” Apple tweeted Monday in response to a tweet from Bills recipient Stefon Diggs.

While this sort of talk isn’t usually considered disrespectful, Apple used the “three” as a pun intended to bring the building back to safety, and also attached a “heart hand” emoji to the tweet. Hamlin, who is recovering from suffering a cardiac arrest on the field against Apple and the Bengals on January 2, routinely uses the “Heart Hands” sign as a symbol of hope and positivity during his healing process. doing.

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