Tesla’s latest product is a $300 wireless phone charger

Tesla’s Cybertruck-style wireless charging platform will start shipping in February 2023

The best wireless chargers for Google, Samsung, and OnePlus phones are made by Anker, Belkin, iOttie, and other well-known accessory makers. Some wireless chargers can charge multiple devices at once, making them ideal for users who want to wirelessly charge smartphones, earbuds, and other accessories simultaneously. Tesla, known for its electric cars, and his CEO Elon Musk unveiled Tesla his wireless charging platform, a wireless charger inspired by “the angular design and metallic style of a cybertruck.”


The Tesla accessory features an aluminum housing with an Alcantara surface and a removable magnetic stand. Removing the stand allows the charger to lay flat on a table. There are plenty of wireless chargers on the market, but very few have a premium Alcantara surface.

What makes Tesla’s wireless charger special is that it can wirelessly charge devices placed anywhere on the surface without alignment issues thanks to the use of FreePower technology. Unlike traditional wireless charging coils, Tesla’s charger’s 30 He FreePower coils are embedded directly into the PCB. This allows for thinner designs, less excess heat, and free-position wireless charging. The same technology can be found inside the Nomad Base Station Pro.

The Zens Liberty wireless charger we reviewed in 2020 also offers free-position wireless charging, but is limited to two devices. It also uses the traditional 16 charging coils, resulting in a thicker charger design and extra heat. A fan inside the charger helps fight the heat, but that hum can be annoying at night.

This accessory can simultaneously wireless charge up to 3 Qi-enabled devices at speeds up to 15W. Note that the Samsung Galaxy Watch lineup and Google Pixel Watch do not use Qi charging and therefore cannot be wirelessly charged using the Tesla wireless charging platform.

Tesla is charging a whopping $300 for the wireless charging platform with the accessory due to ship in February 2023. There are plenty of wireless chargers on the market that can charge up to 3 devices at once at much lower prices. So you’re paying extra for premium build quality, Alcantara pads, and Tesla branding.

This isn’t the first non-automotive accessory Tesla has launched. The company’s online store has many other Lifestyle his accessories for sale at similarly exorbitant prices. Interested parties can order the Tesla wireless charging platform here.

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