Technology Training for Everyone: Ex-Offenders Included

Do you know someone in need of technical training but feel like you don’t have access to the resources you need to get started?

Memphis, Tennessee, January 28, 2023 ( – KLAP Inc, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing everyone with accessible and affordable technical training in the field of electrical and electronic equipment, is now open to everyone, including former criminals. We are proud to announce that we offer classes on

These classes are designed to help individuals access the tools and techniques they need to become knowledgeable installers and learn to use them in the most efficient way possible. Online instruction and expert guidance guide students to become proficient in the use of electricity, electronics, and other fields of construction and technology.

We believe in giving everyone an equal opportunity to learn, regardless of background, helping ex-offenders master technology and access the training they need to live a better life. We are particularly proud of our mission to

Find out more about this training program here.

Electrical and low voltage training programs open the door for those with no formal experience in the technical field to gain valuable hands-on experience while at the same time providing the skills and knowledge necessary to obtain competent employment in the field. provide. Through this program, new entrants to the industry can benefit from learning basic concepts on or off the job, and employers can help employees who already have a basic level of knowledge This training program also provides students with specific insight into industry vacancies, helping them better understand and target their job search. increase. Ultimately, training and apprenticeship programs help more people enter fields that are difficult to enter if they pursue formal education alone.

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