Tech Mahindra and EarthID Announce Strategic Partnership

An alliance to create a blueprint for a metaverse leveraging self-sovereign identities. It is a first-of-its-kind, best-in-class platform that protects users of the Metaverse environment from emerging threat vectors.

MIAMI, FL May 19, 2023 ( – Tech Mahindra, a leading provider of digital transformation, consulting and business reengineering services and solutions, today announced EarthID, an award-winning decentralized identity management platform that enables the secure and frictionless exchange and verification of identity information. announced a strategic partnership with The partnership will co-create the blueprint for Metaverse, his platform powered by Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) that gives users control over their data, privacy and consent. Additionally, the platform will enable companies to protect their Metaverse environment from malicious threats such as his DDoS (distributed denial of service) attacks, data breaches, and phishing attacks.

Powered by SSI, the Metaverse helps businesses mitigate security concerns related to stolen identities and sensitive data that can lead to huge legal and financial losses. Tech Mahindra and EarthID have teamed up to build an industry-leading solution that prevents identity theft, optimizes costs and increases sustainability by facilitating secure and frictionless identity transmission and verification. increase.

Rajesh Dhuddu, Global Business Head of Emerging Technologies Practice at Tech Mahindra, said: . This resulted in reputational risk, unauthorized access to user data, and impersonation. Thankfully, Internet safety features have evolved and users have become more cautious and discretionary, but the Metaverse still faces the same challenges as it is still too new and lacks code of practice. Through our partnership with EarthID, we are now able to solve these challenges. This makes it possible to create a secure system of interoperable identities for virtual worlds, allowing a user to authenticate without revealing his identity. It also increases business value for customers by enabling them to deploy Metaverse products in a secure manner and deploy them internally. “

Through this partnership, Tech Mahindra will integrate EarthID’s blockchain-based decentralized identity capabilities into its new SSI-powered Metaverse platform, making it secure for users and businesses. An SSI is a decentralized, managed digital identity focused on verified genuine credentials linked to real-world verification data, such as biometrics. By utilizing blockchain technology and zero-knowledge proofs, users can self-manage their digital identities without relying on a third party to centrally store and manage their data.

EarthID CEO Priya Guliani said: “The emergence of the metaverse has presented organizations with the challenge of delivering a seamless, frictionless and secure experience that engages and retains customers. Our partnership with Tech Mahindra enables enterprise clients to create immersive and secure experiences for their customers, employees and partners, enhancing stakeholder engagement and branding. It increases loyalty.”

Tech Mahindra and EarthID aim to provide industry benchmark solutions that address data protection and privacy issues while enabling businesses to differentiate themselves in the competitive metaverse environment. The partnership aligns with Tech Mahindra’s NXT.NOW™ framework to enhance “Human Centric Experiences”, enabling digital transformation and meeting evolving customer needs We focus on investing in new technologies and solutions.

About Tech Mahindra
Tech Mahindra delivers innovative, customer-centric digital experiences that enable businesses, employees and society to rise to a more equal world, future-ready and value creation. This is his US$6.5+ billion organization of more than 154,000 professionals across 90 countries, supporting his 1,290+ global clients, including Fortune 500 companies. We are focused on enabling end-to-end digital transformation for our customers around the world by leveraging next-generation technologies such as 5G, Metaverse, Blockchain, Quantum Computing, Cybersecurity and Artificial Intelligence. The company is the only Indian company in the world to have received the HRH The Prince of Wales Terakarta Seal for its efforts to create a sustainable future. The company is the fastest growing brand in the world by ‘Brand Value Rank’ and is among the top 7 IT brands in the world by AA+ rated brand strength. Using the NXT.NOWTM framework, Tech Mahindra aims to enhance the “Human Centric Experience” of its ecosystem, fostering collaboration disruption with synergies stemming from the company’s robust portfolio. Tech Mahindra aims to deliver tomorrow’s experiences today and believes that ‘the future is now’.
Founded in 1945, Tech Mahindra is part of the Mahindra Group, one of the largest and most admired multinational associations with 260,000 employees in over 100 countries. It is a leader in agricultural equipment, utility vehicles, information technology and financial services in India and is the world’s largest tractor company by unit sales. It has a strong presence in renewable energy, agriculture, logistics, hospitality and real estate. Mahindra Group leads his ESG globally with the goal of creating positive change in the lives of communities and stakeholders and enabling their growth, enabling rural prosperity and improving urban life. clearly focused on.

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About Earth ID
EarthID is a multi-award winning decentralized identity platform that enables organizations to securely and seamlessly issue and verify digital identities and credentials. EarthID helps organizations prevent identity fraud, reduce costs, and foster trust while giving users data ownership, privacy, and consent. EarthID provides interoperable, W3C-compliant digital identity wallets, verifiable credentials, and zero-knowledge proofs.

EarthID is globally recognized for its innovation in the digital identity and blockchain space. EarthID has been awarded “Blockchain Innovation of the Year 2022” by UK Digital Leaders. The Miami-Dade Beacon Council has awarded his EarthID a golden key in 2022. EarthID has been honored by the US Census as an innovation for small businesses in 2022. EarthID was the 2019 winner of “Best Uses of Blockchain in Financial Services” and a finalist for “Most ID”. Innovative Startup” won the India Fintech Awards 2020.

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