Tech Layoffs: Will 2023 be worse?

2022 has started tough for thousands of tech workers around the world as global companies laid off more employees in the first five days of January than they did throughout December 2022.

Tech companies around the world have announced layoffs affecting 28,096 workers by the 5th of this month, according to data from the tracking website Layoffs Tracker. This is 64.5% higher than his 17,074 layoffs announced in December.

Amazon, which announced layoffs this week affecting as many as 18,000 workers, is more than half the number so far.

Salesforce is another tech giant that has announced plans to lay off thousands of employees. In a regulatory filing, the company announced plans to cut his 10% of her 80,000-strong workforce (almost 10,000 workers will be laid off).

In 2022, 1,168 companies laid off 2,43,468 workers, according to Layoffs Tracker data.

November 2022 saw the most layoffs, with a total of 71,416 people at 204 companies losing their jobs that month.

Meta, which announced plans to lay off 11,000 employees in November, topped the charts to lay off the most people in 2022. The social media giant was followed by his HP, where he announced he was laying off 6,000 employees worldwide.

Looking at the personnel massacre in the first week of the year, 2023 will be worse for Tech than 2022.

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