Tech layoffs slay 20% of popular startup’s workforce

Scale AI CEO Alexandr Wang wrote in a blog post to employees:

“If you are affected, we will contact you immediately via your personal email with details and offer you time for a one-on-one conversation with your manager.”

This shocking revelation comes at a time when the AI ​​sector is expanding. Microsoft is reportedly considering investing $10 billion in OpenAI and generative AI businesses such as Jasper and Stability AI, and raising more than $100 million.

The Scale AI blog makes it clear that given the uncertainties facing many of the sectors we serve, we need to recalibrate our investments to adapt to this new climate. I got

“Recently, many other companies have made similarly difficult decisions, and we have spent months looking for ways to get around it, but unfortunately we have had to make these changes as well. I have come to the conclusion that there is.

Layoff Trends Beyond Scale AI

However, this trend of layoffs in the AI ​​and machine learning (ML) industry is not unique to Scale AI. Other companies such as Meta and Twitter have also cut their AI teams significantly.

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