Teams Rooms on Android now features new touch and collaboration experiences

Microsoft announced that it is enhancing both the meeting and collaboration experience in Teams Rooms on Android with a number of new features. You can access all these features by upgrading to Microsoft Teams Rooms with Android update 3 (app version: 1449/ Here’s what you should know about this update:

The first is a new Whiteboard button on the home screen that allows users to quickly launch the Microsoft Whiteboard app. This helps a lot because it allows us to collaborate and create without causing any roadblocks that can affect the flow of a Teams meeting.

As you may have already noticed, whenever you used the app with Teams Rooms on Android, it had to be done in the context of a Teams meeting, and preparation time had to be factored in as well. This is no longer the case as the app can be used outside the meeting to prepare accordingly. The administrator Allow Start Whiteboard Box in your device’s settings.

Users can then easily switch from a local collaboration experience to an online co-creation space. All you need to do is start meeting Click the button. “If you start a meeting quickly, ad hoc he will start the meeting and the whiteboard you started on the home screen will automatically appear on the meeting stage,” he said.

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At this point, remote participants can join the meeting and collaborate and contribute in real time on the same whiteboard. With this new update, you’ll be able to view remote participants side-by-side with Microsoft Whiteboard using the Content + Gallery layout, rather than choosing between viewing the gallery or a shared whiteboard.

Additionally, the company has redesigned Microsoft Whiteboard support for sharing menus and resource accounts with the goal of making content shared during meetings more accessible.Now every time you tap share Click the button to access all the content options you can share in one place. This includes Microsoft Whiteboard.

And finally, Microsoft is incorporating new touch screen support, allowing you to control your conference room system using the touch displays and touch consoles on the front of the room. This makes it easier to interact with Teams Rooms on nearby devices. Additionally, support for 4K displays enhances the meeting experience on large-screen devices. The administrator Enable touch screen controls settings on the device.

In addition to these features, Microsoft also indicates that it has “enhanced” Hybrid Meetings by adding chat notifications. This update also supports remote camera pan/tilt/zoom (PTZ) control from your desktop. In related news, Microsoft has added community features to Teams.

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