T-Mobile Layoffs Hit Retail Staff

T-Mobile has reportedly laid off a number of employees as the carrier shifted its retail strategy. I am getting an explanation.

The carrier declined to provide details on the scope and size of the layoffs, but Wave7 Research analyst Jeff Moore told Light Reading that it could be about 600 employees. Moore said the layoffs are mostly between regional retail store managers and retailers.

This reflects a larger retail strategy change outlined by T-Mobile’s consumer group president, Jon Freier, in a blog post on Thursday. Carriers move away from one-size-fits-all stores and expand into four retail formats: showrooms for events and product launches, experiential stores offering a wide range of services, and best-of-breed stores. There is also a small company-operated store, as well as a Metro-branded ‘express store’ aimed at the prepaid market.

“Is brick-and-mortar retail dead? Here are my thoughts: Yes, the way we know it is dead,” Fryer said in the post.

Early reports spotted by Nwida on Thursday said the territory managers at T-Mobile and Metro by T-Mobile have been laid off. They were reportedly offered the option to apply for old jobs with new titles. will take precedence over new candidates.

T-Mobile has experienced waves of layoffs in recent years.Hundreds of Career Jobs SME sales units reportedly cut In June 2020, as part of streamlining following the finalization of the $26.5 billion merger of T-Mobile and Sprint.If we absorb other airlines, 2021 and 2022However, T-Mobile also hired new employees during this period as it changed its strategy.

T-Mobile isn’t the only company cutting jobs.verizon announced an undisclosed number of layoffs last August AT&T after a disappointing second quarter let go of hundreds of employees In December, as part of a renewed focus on rapidly growing segments such as 5G and fiber internet

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