Surprise! New IOS app turns spontaneity into online experience

As social media users around the world oppose big technology, ShokShak sees market potential in creating apps that focus on human connection.

Ramat Hasharon, Tel Aviv, January 21, 2023 ( – Whereas tech giants spend billions of dollars luring people to their platforms and turning them into content-consuming zombies, one self-made startup stands up and treats users with humor. We’ve created a revolutionary new app that puts you at the center of your experience. surprise.

After two years of development, Israeli technology developer Syfela is pleased to announce the recent launch of ShokShak, a new mobile entertainment and communication application.

The core concept is simple, users send photos and videos to their friends and receive videos of their first reactions while viewing the content.

Syfela founder Avishay Frister said: “Spice up your chat experience by chatting with your friends, surprise reactions to content with surprise reverse filters, and have fun with a group of friends.” The content you share should get the first surprise reaction. ”

Most social apps share content, he said. ShokShak was built to create unique, shareable and memorable moments.

“When we started this project, we thought a lot about how we could compete with what was going on,” says Frister. “And with so many distractions, how can you get them to focus more on meaningful relationships?”

After much thought, we came to the conclusion that the best way to reach new users while building stronger relationships is through humor and surprise,” he continued. “Each brings people who are important to each other closer together in ways that lead to stronger connections.”

And he sees it as just the beginning.

“Have some offline party games,” says Frister. “I think What do you meme has sold about 10 million units on Amazon. It’s on sale soon, with tens of millions of people playing it, and the volume is staggering.”

He said these numbers confirm people’s desire to connect through fun, united activities.

“The most important insight I got from this, and the reason I point to these statistics, is that people are hungry for deeper connections, choosing humor and surprise to find them. There is,” said Frister. “What’s exciting is the sheer number of party game ideas and variations that can be adapted to the platform we built.”

“Unfortunately, because they are physical, it is difficult and expensive to properly test what is possible. The possibilities are endless when you can actually look at your data and understand what’s working and what’s not.”

“You don’t have to wait for that rare opportunity to get everyone together in the same room and have a fun and meaningful moment.”

Not long ago, he said, people enjoyed interpersonal communication as part of their daily lives.

“Today, when you walk into a restaurant, you see people sitting together, but everyone is on their phone,” Frister said.

He said the world’s largest tech companies have deliberately driven that change.

“For example, you may remember why Facebook became popular in the first place,” Frister said. The general trend in Big Tech today is just the opposite.”

“I have kids and I know what’s going on with the younger generation,” Frister said. “We understand that times have changed, but we believe we can create a better future when investors and start-ups focus on unique concepts that bring families and friends together.”

The desire to build stronger relationships through mobile apps has led directly to the development of a new breed of social media apps that not only share messages but also experiences.

Frister said the most important insight to come from this is that people are looking for deeper connections.

“And the exciting thing is that they have so many ideas and concepts that can help them achieve this,” he said.

The surprise reaction mechanics employed in ShokShak will continue to be developed and improved as games and other activities become a great mobile experience for family and friends.

ShokShak is now available on the Apple App Store. An Android version is also in development and will be released soon.

To learn more or try the ShokShak app, visit

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