Subscription-Based Signage Services : signage service

DSignage, a Florida-based company specializing in digital signage, interactive signage and point-of-sale advertising, offers subscription-based digital signage services designed to help businesses leverage the engagement, information and advertising capabilities of digital displays. It has started. No need to extend your precious resources and time with your own equipment.

The “DSignage as a Service (DSaaS)” subscription gives businesses access to the latest and greatest display technologies, from Super AMOLED to LCD, OLED and LED. In addition, clients are also given the option to enjoy access to DSignage’s in-house creative agency, which can handle everything from graphic design and video editing to hardware installation and technical support.

The launch of this subscription-based digital signage service aims to ultimately enable more businesses to take advantage of dynamic digital displays without excessive redirection of human and capital resources. I’m doing it.

Image credit: DSignage

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