Subscription-Based Private Newsletters : substack 1

Substack now allows users to create “private” substacks that can be subscribed to by request. The request will appear as an email in the host’s inbox and the writer can approve or reject the request. Once approved, readers can sign up for the Private Her newsletter and from there view the writer’s Private Her forum and interact with members of the Community Her.

“Private Substack is great for keeping in touch with friends, building a community of interests, and trying out new publications,” reads a blog post from Substack published Thursday. .

Substack users can change their settings to choose whether their blog is private or public. Readers will not be able to access or view posts after they are made private unless they voluntarily subscribe. Owners of private substacks also have the option to “host alone”. This could be a code to publish a newsletter for personal use only.

Image Credit: Carol Yepes

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