Stasit work life balance smartphone App to Launch on the First Quarter of 2024

Orlando, Fla. ( March 12, 2023prologue

star sit Patented by Peter Lynch US8855723, a revolutionary entrepreneur who strongly believed that the phone should not control us. After patenting the technology, he presented his idea to the team. The team saw the social and mental health potential of making Stasit more than just a phone feature. They envisioned a movement that would help people thrive in an imbalanced digital world and meet the growing needs of millennials for work-life balance.

why the time now for star sit?

In a world where 24/7 communication is at your fingertips, it’s getting harder and harder to disconnect. We designed a simple solution that allows people to do just that. Whether your goal is to improve your work-life balance or develop better study habits. Stasit controls an endless stream of notifications to decide when, where and how to hear or “not hear” notifications from colleagues, clients, friends and family.


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