Spotify finally rolls out Android 13 media player support

Last updated: Dec 16, 2022 08:45 UTC+01:00

Earlier this month, the Spotify beta app version for Android added support for the Android 13 media player. However, only beta users enrolled in his Spotify beta program on the Play Store were able to access the feature, others had to wait until the feature went live. Thankfully, Spotify is rolling out support for the Android 13 media player via its stable channel.

with the latest Spotify app version, all users of the music streaming platform are eligible for Android 13 media player support. With this new media player, Spotify gets a lot of visual changes. In particular, you’ll see rounded square buttons for play/pause. In addition, both ends of the seek bar have previous and next buttons.

You can add two buttons of your choice, but by default a shuffle button and a like button are placed. If you’re listening to a podcast, Spotify replaces the previous/next track buttons with 15 second rewind/fast forward buttons. Also, the shuffle and like buttons are replaced with buttons to speed up playback and add podcasts to your library.

Sadly, Samsung Galaxy phones still don’t use Android 13’s media player design with One UI 5.0. Spotify, like other third-party media apps, was a little late to the bandwagon, but other popular apps like YouTube, YouTube Music, Google Podcasts, SoundCloud and Shazam support new media players. joined the list with design.

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